Interview: Elliot Adamson Is The Future

Don’t fret if you haven’t heard the name of Elliot Adamson yet, you will soon. The Geordie has been climbing the scene ranks at a rapid pace, catching the attention of heavy hitters like Eats Everything, Patrick Topping and Jackmaster along the way. His classy house productions are at odds with his young age and his social media game is strong enough to win medals in the Olympics. Currently Down Under on his debut Australian tour, we caught up with the new kid on the block for a quick chinwag…

Hi Elliot, thank you for your time! So you are only 21 (22?) years old. When did your infatuation for  electronic music begin? Which acts did you listen to in the beginning?

Areet! I think I’m 22  but can’t confirm cause I can’t remember being born. Can I say that? My relationship with electronic music is a bit bizarre cause I started producing the music before I was actually into it and then got into the music through production. In hindsight that’s canny unconventional but what’s a geez to do?

Some of your fans include Patrick Topping, Jackmaster and Eats Everything. It must’ve been hard getting their attention being an unknown producer! You must be sick of getting asked how met all of them, so I’ll ask instead if you could choose any 3 acts to meet early in your career (outside of those trio) who would you choose?

It was really easy funnily enough. I’ve knew Patrick for years and I think the first tune of mine that he played out was my ‘Enfants’ edit that was a free download and he grabbed it when I posted it on Facebook. Then Eats Everything got my stuff through Patrick when they were touring the US together. And I think I sent Jack stuff after I’d gotten pissed with him in Newcastle, but my memory is hazy on that one. Answering your question I’d choose Rick James, Ric Flair and Ricky Gervais.

Your social media is pretty strong. What do you think is more important, speaking your mind and keeping it real but run the chance of alienating some fans, or keeping your fans on side by toeing the line?

Cheers. I think the answer comes down to whether you wanna be an artist or a salesman. 

What’s you thoughts on the Identification of Music Group on Facebook. Do you think that group is  good thing for the scene?

Loads of publications seem to want to talk about it. It’s a big community. The internet is a weird place.

You are currently in Australia for your debut tour. What has your initials thoughts so far on the land Down Under?

Lots of tall people. Looks like the sims. Lovely people. Crazy people. Interesting dogs. Amazing music scene. Lots of Australians. 

Last year Mixmag chose you for an Impact feature where they discuss artists who are making waves on the scene. If you could choose anyone right now for that feature who would it be and why?

Biz Miz, because he’s Big Miz. Speaks for itself.

What was your biggest highlight form 2017?

I was in Dublin and someone gave me a chicken nugget with a photo of my face stapled to it.

What is the most essential travel item you never go without on tour?

I’ve put a lot of thought into this and I’m gonna have to go for clothes cause without them I’d be naked and that’s not really acceptable in public most times.

And finally, any upcoming releases you can tell us about?

Everything is top secret, but I’m not releasing an album, I’m not releasing a few killer EPs on a few killer labels and I’m not starting up some killer ones of my own either.