Embracing The Events Side Of Digital Nomading

Embracing The Events Side Of Digital Nomading

Digital nomading has allowed British people to get to Australia without having to sacrifice more than a few days of productivity. With remote working a reality for more people every day, events are starting to become more common in the digital world too, with Forbes noting the mass movement of many businesses to a digital-focused event strategy. Getting on board with the right tech and ways of working can help you to not just create digital events, but make them something successful that people really want to get involved in.

Embracing The Technology

For those looking to get into the events industry or to run events to complement their work, the goods news is that there is endless choice right now. Marketing England found that events platforms had found their wait lists swelling by as much as 80%, a clear response to the demand, and that countless new businesses had entered the arena with their own home developed tech. This gives you, the organizer, plenty of choice. Many platforms now have a huge range of features, past simple video chat and polling functions, and can include data libraries, sub-rooms, seminars, and even games. Learning how to engage with customers via events is made far easier via these services, but there’s also the option to use simpler platforms if you do need a more stripped down affair. Whatever your purpose, there’s choice.

Promising Networking

What these offer digitally is a genuine way to network with other professionals, even when you’re a digital nomad. One of the downsides of digital nomading is that you can sometimes be excluded from some of the biggest events in the industry, whether that’s due to price constraints or the fact that you’re on the other side of the world (though it’s worth noting your inherent flexibility is a bonus that often helps with attendance). Through digital events, both yours and those belonging to other people, you can be sure that you’re in on the biggest industry events without needing to compromise on your lifestyle.

A New Norm

Digital nomading is attractive because it offers freelance work with lots of flexibility. You aren’t tied to a geographical location or long-term contract that would stifle your wanderlust or creativity. As more people get into this work scene, the regular office environment will start to become less and less relevant, and digital nomading will become more common. Your freelancer friends will be your colleagues as you start to work together more, and digital events is the ideal way to get everyone together and enjoying this new norm. Having a platform in which to replicate the collective nature of modern workplaces will be really important in creating new bonds as you work away from home.

This is where the beauty of modern digital events lie. They enable people from a range of working backgrounds and arrangements to get completely comfortable through a digital medium. As more people come online to work remotely, they’ll be an invaluable linking tool.