What Is The Employment Nominated Scheme (subclass 186)?

Employment Nominated Scheme (subclass 186)

You, like many may be in search of a better lifestyle Down Under and as you may be aware, there are many paths to securing a visa to live and work in Australia. One path that we look at here is the Employment Nominated Scheme (subclass 186) which is available to skilled workers.

Perhaps you’ve visited Australia on a Working Holiday Visa only to have fallen head over heals for the place and decided that you want to move to Australia permanently.

Well that doesn’t have to be a pipe dream as such as luckily for skilled workers, there may well be a Sponsored Visa awaiting your qualified self! Should you take a look at the Skilled Occupations List for 2016/2017 you will see there are hundreds of jobs that Australia are hoping to fill.

What is the ENS?

The Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186) is available to skilled workers who wish to move to Australia on a permanent basis. Applying via the Employer Nominate Scheme involves a two step process. Firstly your occupation must be nominated by an approved Australian employer, then secondly you must apply under the nominated stream (more on streams later).

What do I need to qualify for the Employment Nominated Scheme (subclass 186)

To be eligible for this type of skilled visa for Australia you must fit the following criteria:

  • Be under the age of 50
  • Be of good health and character
  • Have good English language skills
  • Have skills and qualifications that meet the Australian standards the the occupation on the Skilled Occupation List that you are applying for your visa through.
  • You or your partner will have an eligible relative living in a designated area of Australia who is willing and able to sponsor you or you have a nomination from a participating State or Territory Government Agency.

About ENS Visas

Overseas Emigration Visas states that the Employment Nominated Scheme is split into three streams.

The Temporary Residence Transition Stream:

This stream is for subclass 457 visa holders who have been working in Australia for a two year period and whose employer wants to offer them a permanent position.

The Direct Entry Stream:

This stream is for people who have never or only briefly working within the Australian labour market.

The Agreement Stream:

This is for applicants who are sponsored by their employer through a labour or regional migration agreement. In this case, the employer must nominate the position to be filled and then the employee needs to lodge a visa with the DIAC.

Need more information on applying for the Employment Nominated Scheme? Contact a Registered Migration Agent at Overseas Emigration Visas at [email protected] or visit www.overseas-emigration.co.uk for more information on skilled visas for Australia.

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