EP Review: Yacht Club DJs – ‘No.1’

EP Number 1

Originally from Ballarat, Victoria, Yacht Club DJs have made quite a musical career, even though the Australian duo haven’t released their own official music. The last six years have seen Yacht Club DJs tour extensively, including a sold out US tour with Mumford & Sons. They have also released five mix tapes. The artists are now to release their first original EP entitled ‘No.1,’ via label Create/Control.

You may be caught off guard within the first three seconds of the opening track, ‘T.I.N.A.’ A distorted guitar, is reminiscent to early Cobain, as it takes off with a slide down the neck. Then suddenly it jumps straight into a central drum and bass line.

‘T.I.N.A.’ then cascades into an eccentric array of electronic samples and breakdowns. The track beholds an interesting and surprising choice of lyrics. The only audible words, it seems, are; ‘This is not art, this is not music,’ on repeat.

‘Real Talk’, features the Sydney based solo artist Fingertips, whose prowess at singing kicks you in the gut, with her incredible sound and lyrical content, of confidence and swagger.

The third track ‘Undertow’ is a guaranteed Dance floor filler. It features great vocal talent by Josh Haire, (Them 9’s).It is a great original song, with a traditional techno structure.

‘Say Hello To Techno’ finishes ‘No.1’ with a smooth drive. It’s great rhythmic balance, sounds out what was certainly an enjoyable EP.

‘No.1’ is released Friday, April 11th.

A week later sees Yacht Club DJs East coast Australian tour.

Daniel Morley