Essential Guitar Pedals for Beginners

Essential Guitar Pedals for Beginners

Electric guitars are fascinating instruments not just because of their legendary history and versatility, but because of how much more you can get out of this relatively old instrument by adding pedals. If you have been enjoying messing around with the various adjustments on your electric guitar you are going to love what these pedals can do for you.

As you progress you might find that your style resonates best with a certain type or a few different types of pedals, but in general, these are the best pedals that you should look into as a beginner. This list of pedals covers some of the most widely used features of electric guitars and allows you to incorporate a wide variety of playing styles and techniques.

1.  Volume

This is a must-have beginner pedal and while it only controls volume it has a big effect on the guitar as a single instrument and as a part of a band or group. The great thing about the volume pedal is that it can be used to enhance the behavior of other pedals that you are using. Moreover, there are several styles that rely heavily on the way that you use the volume pedal and how well you are able to control other pedals through this one pedal. When choosing a volume pedal make sure you get a high-quality pedal as this gets used a lot and will likely stay in your arsenal for the long term.

2.  Delay And Reverb

These are the sound effects that give your sound more character, more feeling and help you develop a unique style. A lot of pro guitarists use the reverb and delay effect in conjunction with other effects which makes it a little difficult to pick them up, but they have a big impact on the background. The guitarists at suggest that beginners should pick up a pedal that has a combination of delay and reverb and they could even opt for a pedal that adds chorus to the mix. Later on, when you are more comfortable with a certain style you could invest in a higher quality pedal that focuses on a single effect. A pedal that covers all of these effects can also be used later on, but it does become a little redundant if you aren’t using all the effects.

3.  Wah-Wah

If you enjoy playing those legendary solos created by the most iconic names in guitaring history, it won’t be possible without a wah-wah pedal. Old school metal and even the latest rock guitarists all use the wah-wah pedal generously. What makes this pedal so unique and diverse is the many ways in which you can use it by adjusting and tweaking its settings. Everyone is familiar with the regular wah-wah effect but with a little bit of tweaking, you can change the sound so much that your audience will have no idea how you are able to create that sound. Another must-have pedal that is going to serve you for a long time regardless of your playing style.

4.  Compressor And EQ

This is one of those pedals that is extremely powerful and it can have a massive impact on your performance but it requires a decent level of competency in using both the guitar and the pedal. It’s not that easy to get the hang of the compressor and EQ pedal which is why you’ll find that not every guitarist uses these, but if you can invest the time to learn this pedal, your guitaring will definitely move to the next level.

Essential Guitar Pedals for Beginners

5.  Distortion

What fun is an electric guitar without the distortion effect? Some players play exclusively through distortion while others absolutely resent it. This is one of those pedals that boils down to your particular style of playing and what you prefer, but no one can deny that distortion pedals are a ton of fun. This is one of those pedals that you will be happy to have and not need rather than need and not have. It allows you to really change up your style and create sounds from your guitar that’s completely different from the standard input signal. Even though this is primarily used in some specific genres, with the right skill you could use it very fluidly.

If you think you aren’t advanced enough to use a pedal, you need to think again. This is the right time to invest in pedals and really understand just how diverse the electric guitar is. Using the pedals will help you develop your own unique style and if you are looking to follow the path of one of your guitar idols it’s very likely that you will need one or several of these pedals to replicate their style.