Expat Interview From Ireland To Perth

expat interview

In 2007, after gaining years of valuable experience in the police force in Ireland, Michael was successful in being recruited into the Western Australian Police Force. He further developed his career and prior to resignation, was ranked as Senior Constable for Perth CBD’s Detective Office. Since departing from the forces, Michael has had great success in setting up his own businesses and is also married with two sons. We checked in with Michael to find out a bit about his journey and what he’s been up to most recently with his new restaurant A’Caverna.
Name: Michael James Gibson
Where are you from: Midlands Ireland
Current location: Hamersley Perth WA
Occupation: Self-Employed
What were you motivations for moving your career from Ireland to Australia?
I served for 10 years as a member of An Garda Siochana in Ireland, and very much enjoyed it. Ireland (Dublin in particular) was getting very busy and dangerous, so when the Western Australia Police Force (WAPOL) came to Ireland recruiting, I felt this was a lifetime opportunity. From what I researched, WA (Perth) was a beautiful place to live and work, and of course the great weather was a bonus!
Since leaving the Police Force you’ve married and had a family. What is so good about bringing up a family in Australia?
The weather, the way of life, the peace of mind that our kids our safe. I was brought up in the midlands in Ireland, in the middle of a bog. It rained most of the time! My folks rang me some year’s back to tell me it was the 60th day of continuous rain, and that was summer time!! To be able to plan an outdoor event, without being rained off… the kids have a great outdoor life and Australian’s in general really embrace out door living, we love it!
Are there any parts of Australia that you have travelled and would recommend others check out?
I have only travelled to the east coast on business once or twice, so I have not seen too much over there, but by all accounts there are some pretty amazing places to see. I spent a year driving around WA, as a Renewable Energy Manager. The drive into Albany was spectacular, large trees lined both sides of the road, not too mention, the famous ‘Tree Walk’, a must see. 700kms of coastline, take your pick of the beaches, or even drive north and experience nothing for hours. Back home in Ireland every corner you turn there is something or someone, but to experience ‘nothing’ for miles, no animals, life, movement, no noise, just ‘nothingness’ now that’s something!
In moving your career forward you have clearly identified opportunities for being self-employed. Can you tell us a bit about your journey?
Like everything else in life, you experience good times and bad times. I have learnt that both are just as important, one can only understand and appreciate the good times, having gone through some bad times. Working for ones self is very hard, no clocking off after 7.5 hours, always on duty. However, if you put the effort in it can be very rewarding. I started a Facilities Maintenance business after I left the police. Just two guys working from our kitchen, we grew the business over time, specialised our work and have been trading successfully for the past seven years, now employing 9 technicians.
And we’ve heard you’ve got a new business venture on the go, can you tell us a bit about your restaurant, A’Caverna?
At the start of the year my wife and I opened a restaurant, A’Caverna Restaurant (www.acaverna.com.au). We were tired of going to restaurants with average food, excessive prices, and poor customer service. My wife is from Brazil, and there is a strong culture associated with food, taste and flavour. We decided to bring this experience to our family, friends and the people of Perth!
And we’ve got to ask, with those Irish roots, did you get up to anything to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this year?
Working! Lol! But yes, A’Caverna Restaurant has Irish roots and we flew the flag high. It’s important to my wife and I that we pass on our cultures and traditions to our kids, and of course St. Patrick’s Day is a big one for the Irish side of the family. On the day we had a big Irish lunch in the restaurant and in the evening we introduced Tapas to the Irish. The St Patrick’s Festival WA Parade is on the 12th March this year, A’Caverna had a South American Food Stall on the day, again bringing our cultures a small bit closer together!
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