Expat Interview: Teacher, Aly moves from Bath to Sydney

Expat with friends in Sydney

From rural Bath in the UK to the bright city life of Sydney, Australia, primary school teacher, Aly Miller, tells BBM readers about her move, motivations, job seeking, and gives advice to others looking to make the move!

Tell us a little about yourself:

I’m a 24-year-old Primary School Teacher from Bath, UK. I currently work as a casual Primary School Teacher across schools in Sydney and also tutor Special Needs Children. I am an Australian and British Citizen (Thanks Mum and Dad!).

Expat Aly and friends jump in front of Sydney Opera House
Expat Aly and friends jump in front of Sydney Opera House

Tell us about your move to Australia:

I came traveling to Australia back in June 2013 and fell in love with Sydney! My parents had lived there many years before and it instantly felt like home. I loved the vibe of Bondi and the beach life and decided that after finishing university and getting a couple of years teaching under my belt I’d pursue my dream of living aboard in Sydney. So I packed my bags and left my permanent teaching job to follow my dream a year ago!

Tell us a bit about your work in Australia:

When I first got to Australia I had to wait for my teaching accreditation and I initially found it difficult finding work. However, thanks to Quay Recruitment, which was suggested to me by a friend, I succeeded in joining the team at TAFE NSW in student support. I then moved to a company who taught yoga and mindfulness in schools until this month. I have since moved back into casual teaching, as that’s where I’m happiest, as I love being around children!

Tell us about how you have adapted to the social scene in Sydney:

Expat Aly takes part in fitness in Sydney
Expat Aly takes part in fitness in Sydney

As I love to workout and keep fit, I found making friends really easy in Sydney and joined a variety of fitness clubs with free events. I would totally recommend the Girl Crew Sydney Facebook group if you’ve just arrived as there are lots of awesome girls who are in the same boat! Guys I’m sure there’s one out there for you too!

My favourite place to go is Messina for ice cream and doughnut time as a sweet treat! It’s the dream! I also love the Beach Road Hotel and Soda Factory for a cheeky beverage.

Tell us about the best bits of your adventures in Australia so far:

My best moment here so far has been running the City2Surf. I never ran back home but this was such a fun event and it was awesome doing it with my friends! Well worth doing if you’re over here in August!

And as for the best thing about living in Australia it’s the sun and the people! Everyone is so positive and happy and you can be outside pretty much all the time!

Tell us about the hard parts of your move to Australia:

For sure not having your family and home friends around you! I’m a really family girl and it has been hard living so far away with the time difference, however after being here a year I have now settled in. I also totally miss Marks and Spencer – like massively! They need to get themselves over here!

Bondi Beach

Tell us about your travels in Australia and anything different you have tried:

I’ve traveled to Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast and I’m off to New Zealand in around 2 weeks! I’ve also tried vegemite and I love it! I did have a panic thinking I might be allergic, but it turns that my allergies are to coconut oil instead!

Advice: A day in your new hometown Sydney, what should we not miss?

Bondi and all the beaches! They are so breathtaking, and the Bondi to Coogee walk is one of my fave things to do!

Advice: Do you have any tips for people who are considering moving to Australia?

It’s okay if it’s not what you think it will be! I had this idea of what would happen and it didn’t and I felt lost and didn’t know if I could stay here. Just keep calm and be a yes person! Say yes to everything you want to do and you will have a ball!

Advice: Is there something you wish you had known before moving to Australia?

What a capsicum was!? Joking but that would have helped! I wish I’d known about the differences between my qualifications in the UK were compared to Australia as they would have made my job-hunting easier!

Quick Fire Quirky You Questions:

Favourite Oz Animal/Critter: Koala

Least Favourite Oz Animal/Critter: Cockroach

Favourite Australian Food: Avocados!

Favourite Australian Bevvy: Frosé (Frozen Rosé) from Bucket List

Sunset or Sunrise: Both! They are insanely beautiful here!

TimTams or Penguin: Sorry no to Penguin, TimTams all the way!

Sunset in Sydney