Expert Tips for Organizing a Perfect Gig

Expert Tips for Organizing a Perfect Gig

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your favorite band or singer live. A gig is a perfect opportunity to further connect with your favorite artist, as well as experience the wonderful feeling of being surrounded by people who have the same taste of music as you. If you are an artist or band manager who is organizing a gig, there is so much which needs doing to ensure that your audience has a great time. Whether you want to increase your press exposure, get ahead in the industry, or make some money for charity, it takes a lot of preparation to make sure that your gig is a hit. 

This article is a guide to expert tips for organizing a perfect gig.

Choose the Right Venue 

Before deciding on your venue, you need to decide whether you want a seated or standing gig. There are various locations in every neighborhood that are available to rent for a gig, such as local theatres, cinemas, schools, and function rooms. It’s also important to know your expected turnout so you can look for all the necessary amenities. Don’t forget to check if there is any specific rule about holding a live event at that specific location. 

Venues that come with available amenities such as air conditioners or seats can help save you significant money on the overall cost. Book the venue as soon as possible, so you can have a better plan in advance to promote and prepare for the gig. For an event with many participants, you need to organize security to keep the event safe. A lot of venues have their own door staff, but you may need to pay extra for their service. You also need to set an age limit in case you want to distribute alcohol at your event, and this may increase your insurance costs. 

Get the Best People

If you are planning your own gig, then your main consideration should be which songs you are going to perform. If, however, you are organizing a gig for other artists, you will need to find the acts which suit the night and which will draw a crowd. If you don’t already have a list of bands in mind, you can talk to all the local bands in your areas and find out the ones which will be best for your gig. No matter how good the venue or the setup is, the success of a gig ultimately comes down to the quality of the artists, so make sure you choose wisely.

There are certain roles that you can get away with not filling for a small gig, but if your venue doesn’t have its own sound engineer, you will definitely need to hire one as well as all of the equipment that you need. Last but not least, make sure to find a charismatic MC, who will introduce the bands and keep the audience engaged between sets. Try to find someone that is popular on the local band scene, or do it yourself if you feel comfortable.

Advertise Your Gig and Sell Tickets

Now that you have everything ready, it’s time to go all out to get people to attend your event. It’s important to use your budget wisely to attract as many people to your gig as possible. Whether they are excited about the band or want to have a great time with their friends, give them all the reasons to come. You have to promote your gig online to inform your audience of the event in advance. You may be wondering, “How can I sell tickets for my event in a way that people will take notice?” One of the best ways is to sell the tickets on a specialized ticket sales website. 

This enables you to reduce the cost of promotion whilst at the same time, reaching a wider audience over a greater geographical area. Many online booking websites allow you to set up your ticket price point with just a few clicks, and the site will then handle the money and the customer’s information. For wider publicity, you can design and print out posters and paste them all-around your local area. It is also a good idea to send a press release or ring your local newspaper or radio station to let them know about your event. Make sure that all the artists and the event staff are promoting the gig on their social media to maximize the number of potential attendees.

Putting on a gig can be a lot of work, but with the right planning, it can be easy to create the perfect event. Make sure that you find the right venue and then source the best musical acts to make sure your event goes off with a bang.