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If you’re looking for an incredible adventure that will give you the memories of a lifetime, then Adventure Tours Australia are what you’re looking for. From Kakadu to Alice Springs, Litchfield National Park and The Olgas, Darwin to Uluru, ATA’s Northern Territory Tours have got it covered. Here’s what you could discover on your NT adventure.

Kakadu National Park

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About the same size as Slovenia and a whole lot hotter, Kakadu National Park is Australia’s best-known
national park for good reason. Chock-a-block with billabongs, waterfalls, weird rock forms and all manner
of wildlife, this is where Australia runs wild. Roos bounce about the bush land, dingoes loiter along rocky outcrops, dugongs wallow off the coast and crocs rule the waters of Alligator River (we’ll call it a case of mistaken identity). Following a landmark land rights ruling back in 1976, approximately half of the land was given back to its original inhabitants, meaning indigenous culture is very much evident. Come see what Kakadu can-a-do for you.


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Even if you’re not one generally riveted by geology, sideline your reservations until you’ve come face-to-face with Uluru. Because while size certainly ain’t always everything, in this rock’s case it’s still a pretty big deal. 348 m high and almost 10 km in circumference, this is about as spectacular as sandstone gets. Due to local indigenous traditions, climbing up to the top is a bit of a cultural no-no – but take it from us that the views are better from below anyway. Witnessing the rock’s changing of colours come sunrise and sunset is a very special experience, only enhanced by a cold beer in-hand (for sunset at least).


northern territory australia
Perhaps it’s the tropical climate, perhaps it’s the wild frontier feel or perhaps it’s the local cast of eccentric characters attracted by both, but things tend to get a little ‘troppo’ up Darwin way (that’s Aussie for crazy). How else do you explain such local newspaper’s headlines as ‘Why I stuck a cracker up my clacker’ and ‘Horny Ghost Haunts House’? For all its occasional uncouthness, perennially laidback Darwin does possess a real charm. Pay a visit, venture into a pub, order a ‘frothy’ and chances are you’ll be being relayed an outlandish ‘yarn’ in no time (Aussie for story).

Alice Springs

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When you’re 1,500 clicks from the closest major city and 1,000 from the nearest beach, there typically comes a time when you need to make your own fun. And if anyone knows that, it’s the locals of Alice Springs. Sitting slap-bang in Australia’s rusty Red Centre, this small but charismatic town has long had to rely on an inner resourcefulness – both for survival and entertainment. Take the Henley-on-Todd Regatta, which, every September, sees teams of fun-focused Territorians race ‘boats’ – by feet, and fashioned from whatever materials they fancy – around a dry riverbed. Who needs a beach when you have an imagination?

Litchfield National Park

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When Frederick Henry Litchfield first entered the tract of wilderness that would one day bear his name,
he noted the land’s ‘fine plains’, ‘small timber’ and ‘belts of honeysuckle’; musing that it would make for a great cattle station. A scary start for what would one day become one of Australia’s most prized national parks, but good sense thankfully won out. These days, visitors may spot the odd wild brumby galloping about – but it’s the nature that really impresses. Waterfalls, rock-holes, creeks and plunge pools present plenty of choice places for a swim among some truly enchanting surroundings.

Kings Canyon

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Place names like ‘The Garden of Eden’, ‘Lost City’ and ‘The Amphitheatre’ may well sound a little audacious, but in Kings Canyon’s case the designations are fitting. Venturing in for an explore of this vast sandstone chasm invites a very real sense of adventure, and be it traipsing about its rim or wandering through its gullies, you’ll consistently be being surprised by what you come across next. Dusty red canyons enter onto shaded swimming holes, sheer rock ravines peer down onto palm-filled grottoes, and some of Australia’s most iconic animals are always a chance of making an appearance.

Katherine Gorge

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According to local legend, the Rainbow Serpent Bolung dwells in the deep green waters of Katherine Gorge. And we can believe it. Katherine is basically 13 gorges linked together by river, rapids and waterfalls, and flanked by sandstone cliffs that we’re pretty sure are older than time. It’s a pretty spiritual place, and as the river winds its way from Arnhem Land to the Timor Sea, it picks up all manner of curious flotsam: freshwater crocs, turtles, kayakers, swimmers and dreamers by the boatload (boatloads of dreamers that is, the crocs tend to swim).

The Olgas

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Had it not been for the show-stealing antics of Uluru, The Olgas – also known as Kata Tjuta – would likely be the Australian rock show on everybody’s lips. Comprised of 36 separate red domes bunched together (where Uluru is one massive chunk), what The Olgas lack in record-breaking abilities they more than make up for in experiential impact. Not only is it a memorable moment beholding the boulders from a distance, but the opportunity to walk through some of the gorges in between offers a sense of the rocks’ scale and sacred significance to local indigenous culture.
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