Explore The Underwater World Of The Great Barrier Reef

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Delve into The Great Barrier Reef for a full day reef adventure.

Tour Operator: Awesome Whitsundays
Prices From:$235

With Awesome Whitsundays, you can have one of the best money-can-buy experiences whilst exploring this world wonder.

What will the experience involve?

Starting off with a cruise around the gorgeous Whitsundays National Park, which spans out into the Great Barrier Reef, you can see one of the world’s most stunning natural wonders up close. Labelled as one of the best sites for the Great Barrier Reef, Awesome Whitsundays have a perfect view of the reef from their large floating pontoon. Visitors to the reef can also explore the underwater world with its stunning corals and marine life.

Exploring The Reef

Awesome Whitsundays have a variety of ways for you to experience the glory of the Reef, some of which don’t even involve getting wet! If you’re not too keen on the idea of being underwater, make yourself comfortable in the underwater viewing chamber. Here, you can have a front row seat to see the tropical fish and corals and you can even watch the divers. If you want to explore a little bit more but still stay dry, try a semi-submersible ride.

The sub takes visitors on a cruise around the reef and is essentially what the divers will experience, you just wont get wet. You can also admire the surrounding reef whilst on the sun deck of the pontoon – very civilized!

If you want to get that killer view, you can take a helicopter ride around the reef too. The flight is an additional fee to your overall cost, but the experience is more than worth it.

For those who like to get stuck in, snorkelling is available all day on the Awesome Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef Adventures! This is an incredible way to explore the reef and see the marine life up close.

Similarly diving allows you to experience the Reef at even closer range. If diving is a new experience for you, plenty of staff members are around to provide lessons for both the certified and the new. Diving is an additional cost but is highly recommended when visiting the Great Barrier Reef.


What Else Is Included?

The cruise is all-inclusive, so visitors won’t have to worry about constantly pulling out their wallets. Long days out can build up a good appetite, so morning and afternoon tea is included, plus a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet lunch. Snorkelling equipment, rides and access to the viewing chamber are also included.

Highlights Of The Trip…

• A unique diving experience with all of your gear included

• Diving lessons for all levels

• Commentary on semi-submersible rides

• Sun decks to top up your tan and look at the incredible Great Barrier Reef

• Free use of wetsuits for snorkelling

• Beautiful photography taken by specialist photographers

Prices for this incredible experience start from $235 per person with the additional fees for extra activities. Included in your cruise fare is a per head fee which goes to the Government. The money collected is used to manage and protect the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

To find out more about this incredible Great Barrier Reef adventure, head over to awesomewhitsundays.com to find out more.

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