Fantastic Routes To Enjoy An Unforgettable Road Trip In Australia

Fantastic Routes To Enjoy An Unforgettable Road Trip In Australia

In a land covered by vast beaches, lush green rainforest, and beautiful landscapes, choosing the quickest road trip route in Australia would be a challenge. According to data on, a simple drive around Australia is 15,000 km or 9,200 miles without detours. However, any traveller driving around this beautiful country will want to add some extra kilometres to their itinerary. Ideally, planning a great road trip is one of the best ways to truly experience Australia’s natural landscapes. Whether you want to visit National Parks, drive the Australian Red Centre way, or take a lap along the rugged and stunning coastlines, here are great routes to enjoy an unforgettable road trip in Australia.

Great Ocean Road- Melbourne To Adelaide

Undoubtedly, the Great Ocean Road is one of the most thrilling drives in Australia, studded with scenic views of the rugged coastline. A drive along this iconic route allows you to see the famous limestone towers called the 12 apostles, a variety of wildlife, and ancient lighthouses. You can also go for a bushwalk in the lush rainforest to get a close view of koalas, kangaroos, and platypus. To make the most of your trip on this spectacular route, consider starting your journey from Melbourne to Adelaide or vice versa.

Nullarbor Plains From South To Western Australia

Known as the place of no trees, the Nullarbor is vast and wild, home to towering sea cliffs, abandoned houses, shifting sand dunes, kangaroos, feral camels, and wombats. To enjoy a memorable road trip across Nullarbor, start from Ceduna in South Australia and drive west to Perth for approximately 2,000km. Once you begin your journey, you’ll enjoy the spectacular view of the Great Australian Bight, take a dip at remote beaches, or watch the whales play at the coast of Bunda Hills.

While driving across the Nullarbor Plains is safe, you need to take precautions. Note that gas on the Nullarbor route is expensive, so consider carrying extra fuel, bring plenty of food and water, and an emergency kit. Also, make sure your car is in perfect working condition to avoid breaking down in the middle of the road. Check if the engine is working correctly, change the coolant, replace the tires, and inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system to ensure the catalytic converter is functional, since a faulty one can result in more harmful emissions coming from your vehicle. Whether you’re driving a budget-friendly model or one of the vehicles with pricey catalytic converters, like a Ferrari, Lamborghini, a Ford Mustang, you need to be mindful about this car part since replacing catalytic converters is costly. If it’s damaged, make sure to replace your catalytic converter before embarking on a long-distance road trip.

Drive Australia’s Red Centre Way

The Australian Outback is an enchanting place worth visiting, especially by car. The Red Centre Way is a loop that starts and ends at Alice Springs, an outback town. Driving this loop gives you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore Uluru and Kata Tjuta. There are also plenty of hiking trails, gorges and canyons, and swimming holes along this route. To enjoy a memorable experience, you’ll need to plan for a five-day trip starting and finishing in Uluru or Alice Springs.

There’s nothing quite thrilling like going on a road trip in Australia. The country boasts expansive landscapes, beautiful coastlines, lush rainforests, and wildlife. However, you need to pick a route to enjoy a memorable trip. There are plenty of road trip routes, and the most amazing ones are the Nullarbor Plains, Red Centre Way, Great Ocean Road, and Stuart Highway.