Fenech-Soler Drummer Andrew Lindsay

Fenech-Soler Drummer Andrew Lindsay

“I normally tell them the truth but it is usually followed by me trying to explain the band name, so I never look as cool as I could do.” Drummer Andrew Lindsay is clearly enjoying the rise to acclaim of his toply tipped quartet Fenech-Soler, but the unique name is causing issues when explaining his day job to people. So what does Fenech-Soler actually mean? Where did the Northampton boys stumble across such a distinct band name?


The source was actually very close to home, as Lindsay is keen to explain, “it is part of Dan’s name actually. Dan who plays bass and synth, his full name is Daniel Francis Fenech Soler Treviotosky, so yeah we took a little bit of his name and used that. It has been a really good thing for us as everyone asks about it and its been a bit of a talking point, but it sort of sometimes does lead to a little bit of confusion. We have had a few variations on that name appearing on flyers for gigs.”


With comparisons to everyone from Foals to Delphic and Klaxons following them everywhere they go, Lindsay finds any connection to the already acclaimed British bands to be the finest form of flattery.  He can barely contain his excitement as he reveals, “I’d love us to follow in the footsteps of those really. We are just a pop band really, we focus on production from electronic music. It is pop  music with dance influences thrown in.”


With an insistence that they are primarily a pop group, Lindsay recommends for those wanting an introduction to their eponymous debut album, that “Golden Sun has probably got a bit of everything we do in there. It’s got a few heavy moments, its got quite a lot of electronic stuff and its got quite a simple catchy chorus, .so it really has a bit of everything in there. It is a song we all really like and its quite a good one to play as well. So if you have only 3 and a 1/2 minutes to spare then that’s the one you should flick to.”


Interviewed by Jeremy Williams. Fenech-Soler’s debut album is available right now.

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