Festival Bundles On The Stoke Travel Passport

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The Stoke Travel Passport

The Stoke Travel Passport is the ultimate festival package for Europe travel. The Stoke Travel Packages enable you to attend as many as 10 festivals for one price, including accommodation, food, drinks and that all-important festival ticket. Plus BBM Readers get FREE DRINK when booking online via the Stoke Travel website using promo code BBM.

There are 18 festivals to choose from in countries such as Spain, France and Germany, and you get to spend three nights with breakfast, dinner and unlimited free alcohol at each festival campsite. Just pay one price and your passport is valid for a whole 12 months. You don’t even need to decide which festivals you want to attend until seven days prior to your arrival date.

The festivals to choose from include La Tomatina in Valencia, Oktoberfest in Munich, Running of the Bulls in Pamplona and even a stay at the San Sebastian Surf Camp.

Festival Packages and Bundles

There are Stoke Travel Passport packages to help you choose the right one for you. For three nights at two festivals, you’ll want to book The Hobo for €360, or go one more and opt for The Nomad with three festivals at €540. If that’s just not enough for you, you can book The Gypsy for five festivals with a sixth festival completely free for €900. But the daddy of all the Europe Festival Packages is the Wham-Bam Summer of Stoke Pass with eight festivals, plus two free festivals for €1,440!

Book or enquire about your Stoke Travel Passport at stoketravel.com

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