Fiji’s Best Beaches: Unveiling The Hidden Gems And Popular Havens


Considering a beach holiday destination? You’re on the right track with Fiji’s best beaches. Fiji, an archipelago in the South Pacific, has long held a magnetic allure for beach lovers worldwide. With a perfect blend of secluded hideaways and bustling beachfronts, it presents a multifaceted beach experience. The various beaches promise their own slice of paradise, waiting to be discovered.

Fiji’s Hidden Gems

Beyond the glossy travel brochures, Fiji shelters countless uncharted beaches, each with its own unique splendour. If you’re looking for something beyond the usual tourist trails, dive into the crystalline blue seas of these hidden gems.

1. Plantation Island

Situated within the Mamanuca Islands chain, the Plantation Island Resort embodies Fijian beauty and energy. Families often rave about its kids’ club, while adventure enthusiasts can’t resist the lure of its water sports facilities. Here, you can do everything from windsurfing to parasailing. With a range of accommodations that spill onto the beachfront, it’s where oceanic dreams meet reality.

2. Matangi Private Island

A luxurious canvas of green and blue, Matangi Island Resort treats its guests to authentic bures (traditional Fijian huts) with a modern touch. It’s where you’ll find Horseshoe Bay, an aptly named semicircle-shaped beach with a lush jungle on one side and clear waters on the other.

This adults-only retreat overlooks the ocean and offers treehouse dining, where gastronomy pairs with breathtaking views. For those longing for relaxation, the resort spa, set amidst the rainforest, provides traditional Fijian massages.

3. Paradise Cove

Resting in the Yasawa Islands, Paradise Cove ensures its name isn’t just a moniker. Dive beneath to discover a world pulsating with vibrant corals. Above water, guests can indulge in cultural experiences, from Fijian cooking classes to local village visits. In the evening, you might find yourself dancing to the rhythm of traditional Fijian music under the stars.

4. Barefoot Manta Island Resort

Indulge in private island tours for an exclusive coastal experience in Fiji. Explore hidden gems like Matangi Private Island Resort and eco-conscious Barefoot Manta Island Resort, blending nature and comfort.

Nestled in the Southern Yasawas, the Barefoot Manta Island Resort is an ode to Fiji’s commitment to marine conservation. Perfectly situated between three beaches, visitors can pick their sunrise, sunset, or all-day sun. The island becomes a playground for marine enthusiasts from May to October, as it turns into a hub for manta ray sightings. 

The resort places sustainability at its heart, from sea turtle conservation initiatives to guided reef walks with in-house marine biologists. On land, traditional Fijian bures echo the island’s ethos; “nature meets comfort”, while sunset beach bonfires illuminate the evenings. For those desiring an intimate connection with Fiji’s marine world without compromising on luxury, Barefoot Manta Island Resort emerges as a top choice.

5. Likuliku Lagoon

Likuliku, with its overwater bungalows, redefines luxury. It’s another one of Fiji’s adults-only resorts, ideal for tourists searching for the perfect honeymoon location.

Derived from the word ‘likuliku’, meaning ‘calm lagoons’, it offers vistas of the peaceful and ever-changing hues of the ocean. Watersports enthusiasts have ample opportunities here, from kayaking to jet skiing, while those seeking repose might find solace in its marine sanctuary, home to many fish species.


Fiji’s Popular Havens

While popular, these beaches are far from being passé. Fiji’s celebrated beaches continue to captivate visitors with their unmatched charm. If you’re seeking the best of Fiji, these destinations are non-negotiable.

1. Natadola Beach

No article on Fiji’s best beaches would be complete without mentioning Natadola Beach. Nestled on Viti Levu’s coral coast, this spot is a retreat for sunbathers and a playground for surfers. Its vast expanse of white sand seems endless, and for the explorers, horseback riding along the coast becomes a cherished memory. 

Beloved by both locals and tourists, Natadola Beach offers an on-site luxury resort. The InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa, a five-star accommodation, enhances the indulgence quotient with gourmet dining and panoramic ocean views.

2. Malolo Island

If you’re looking for more beaches in the Mamanuca group of islands, look no further than Malolo Island. Two main resorts pamper guests with world-class amenities, from infinity pools to tropical bars. The azure waters around Malolo are teeming with marine life, and its coral reefs offer dazzling snorkelling spots. On land, hiking trails, especially those leading to viewpoints, reward with mesmerising vistas.

3. Blue Lagoon

Framed by the stunning Yasawa Islands, the Blue Lagoon is more than just crystalline waters. It’s a marine reserve where the world beneath offers snorkellers glimpses of marine life and colourful corals. While the lagoon itself is a serene escape, nearby resorts provide opportunities to immerse in Fijian culture, including traditional ceremonies and crafts.

4. Mana Island

Mana Island, another favourite spot in the Mamanuca Islands, is a dual-faced gem. It boasts two distinct beachfronts — one offers sunrise views, while the other promises dreamy sunsets. Adventure seekers can revel in water sports, while spa resorts provide rejuvenating treatments using native Fijian ingredients. Be sure to experience the island hopping tours showcasing the best surrounding isles.

5. Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort

Located near the northern town of Savusavu on Vanua Levu, the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort is eco-tourism and perfect beach accommodation at its finest. Named after the famed oceanographer, the resort is a gateway to underwater explorations with renowned diving spots. Above water, its bures fuse traditional Fijian architecture with luxury. With an on-site marine biologist, guests get to go on a deep dive into Fiji’s marine ecosystem.


From serene retreats to bustling shores, Fiji’s best beaches promise you diverse delights. Whether you crave solitude or a spirited atmosphere, this island nation delivers.  

Ready for sun-kissed memories? Start planning your Fiji escape today. Immerse yourself in Fiji’s coastal magic, feel the sand beneath your feet, and embrace the waves. Fiji’s beaches are waiting. Will you make the trip?