Find Your Favourite Labels

Miss The Labels You Love Sydney

Once you’ve settled into life in Australia, your style might change along with your travels, but thanks to the growing number of fashion retailers setting up shop in Sydney, this doesn’t have to be so.

To help keep your own style, we’ve found a few that are sure to make you feel at home. One place people find hard to drag themselves away from is Topshop, the epitome of UK high street fashion. If what used to be your fashion temple has become a distant memory and a place you can only dream about visiting, today is your lucky day, because you can now visit your favourite store Down Under on Market Street. If Zara is the reason you’re feeling a little homesick, fear no more, because at Westfield in Sydney it is readily available for all your latest fashion needs.

Finding the perfect little black dress has just got that little bit easier. You might have turned into an Aussie beach bum, but you can still preserve your British style by browsing for a new quirky outfit and getting it delivered to your doorstep. This is because you can now order River Island goodies from