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    Five things you can do to stay safe abroad

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    When it comes to travelling, the whole process can be pretty daunting. All you have to do is flick the new channels on to see the risks that travellers are facing every day, so much so that it can be difficult to want to go in the end. We’re here to tell you that there’s no need to be worried. Out of all the travellers you see on TV, hundreds and thousands of other travellers will be having a stress and worry free holiday, and you can join them. So while it could be a good idea to have the numbers of local authorities and a compensation helpline logged into your phone, we’ve pulled together five different things you can do to help ensure that these aren’t needed.

    Research your destination before you go

    Researching your destination before you even leave for your flight is the first and potentially most vital step to ensuring that you stay safe while you’re abroad. Understanding the culture, rules, laws, attitudes, etiquettes and even the crime rates are important, and can help you avoid any risky situations. Knowing safe routes to important places will keep you from getting into trouble, and with a little knowledge of common scams and crimes too, you can avoid getting caught out. Learn any behaviours that are considered offensive in your destination location, simply so you can avoid doing it! After all, the last thing you want to do when staying safe is provoke the locals.

    Make copies of important documents

    When it comes to copying your documents, you need to make sure you do this in two different ways: Scan your documents, and photocopy them. Okay, so we know that a photocopy of your passport or driver’s license is hardly going to cut it as legitimate ID, but by having these copies you not only have all of the information you could need, but in the off chance you do get pulled over, a copy of your license could reduce the time spent being questioned depending on which country you are in. Keep the copies in separate places that are safe and secure. After all, even though they are photocopies, these are still your personal details!

    Avoid going out alone at night

    This one might be a given, but it’s so important – especially if you’re travelling alone. We do understand that sometimes, walking alone at night is something you can’t avoid, and so in these situations, try and walk just behind a couple. As creepy as you might feel, simply explaining the situation if you’re questioned by the couple will probably end with them being more than happy for you to walk a little behind them to keep yourself safe. If this isn’t possible, consider finding a reputable taxi company – it’s better to be safe than save a bit of money.

    Keep friends and loved ones updated to your whereabouts

    Keeping friends and family updated on your whereabouts might not keep you immediately safe, but regular updates to where you are could alert them to something being wrong if you miss an update, or you don’t return from where you were supposed to be. Give them the numbers for the hotel or attraction you’re going to see, and they should be able to get in contact to inform them of a potential problem, even if you can’t.

    Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance is a must when travelling, especially if you’re travelling alone or in a small group. Travel insurance can help protect you, your things, and whatever travel arrangements you’ve made too. From covering potential health costs while you’re away, to giving you compensation for lost or stolen baggage or belongings, travel insurance could be the difference between being stranded in a foreign country, and being able to claim back what you’ve lost and get home safely.

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