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    an airliner flying over sydney harbour bridgeOne of the greatest challenges in planning your trip to Australia is how to get there – mostly being that it’s pretty far away from most places! However don’t despair as the great thing about making this enormous journey is you can break your journey up by visiting some fantastic places along the way.

    There are so many flight routes you can take when flying to Australia, from passing through Asia, to maybe going the other way and touching down in LA. Why not spend a couple of days experiencing a new city before going to Australia – rather than spending 8 hours waiting around an airport – you might as well get out there and see all the amazing sights the world has to offer.

    Similarly, if you choose to fly direct to Australia then you can choose your route. Whether you choose to go from London to Perth via Dubai, or stop off in Hong Kong before reaching Sydney, there are plenty of fantastic routes you can take to minimise the time you take flying to Australia and make the most of it!

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