Flights to Fiji from Sydney to Auckland

an airliner landing at an airport in fiji

an airliner landing at an airport in fijiYou can fly from Sydney to Nadi, via Brisbane, with Virgin Blue.
A direct journey  with Qantas and Air Pacific, although going with Air New
Zealand will cost you a lot.
It’s cheaper from Kiwi land, with Air Pacific going from Auckland to Nadi for around not a lot  and Air New Zealand are also pretty good.
Check out the airlines’ websites for more details –

One of the most popular ways is seeing Fiji is by using firms like the Feejee Experience
and Awesome Adventures – especially if you’re a sad bastard travelling by yourself, in
need of some company.
The Feejee Experience offers you the chance to sample some of the remote spots of Fiji
you’d never normally see – while maybe, if you’re lucky, meeting some new friends too.
One such pass you can buy is the Hula Loop, which costs $353 NZ and gives you the
chance to hop on and off FE buses which go round the main island of Vitu Levu, taking
in Nadi, Suva, Ellington and the Coral Coast, plus a whole host of secluded interior
Another option is the Lei Low pass ($498 NZ), which allows you to do the Hula Loop, as
well as spending a night on the beautiful Beachcomber Island.
Both tickets are valid for six months, meaning you can take your time strutting your stuff
around Fiji. More information is available on
Awesome Adventures focus on entertaining backpackers and travellers on the Yasawa
Keen for you to make the most of Yasawa’s palm-fringed beaches, crystal clear waters,

Shorter packages are also available. For more information check out

Fiji’s official government site has stacks of useful information, plus a load of boring
bollocks, about its incredible country –