For the Love of Anime: 5 Anime Apps for Anime Fans

For the Love of Anime: 5 Anime Apps for Anime Fans

Long before movie films arrived, Japan has been making entertainments called the utsushi-e with painted animated figures. This practice stimulated the minds of Japanese animators, which leads to the creation of what we know today as anime. Presently, there are now more than 10,000 shows that are available for viewing, and anime fans that are over 50 million around the world.

With these numbers in mind, it would be an almost impossible task to find the best anime that would suit your interests, right? Fortunately, there are also quite a number of apps dedicated to showing you these anime shows for free. 

In this article, we will be giving you a list of the best anime apps you can use to stream all the anime you want anywhere and anytime you want. These apps will even let you save a particular anime and watch it at a later time, and all of it is for free.


AnimeLab is a great anime streaming app that lets you watch your favorite anime without costing you a single cent. It has more than 718 anime titles  and 32 genres. One unique feature about this app is that you are able to request an anime of your choosing if it’s not one of their shows.

Similar to other anime apps on this list, it always gives you the most famous and most watched anime shows, movies, and simulcasts directly from Japan. However this service is only available in select countries such as New Zealand and Australia. The app is accessible on various platforms, so you don’t have to worry what device you’re using.


We are sure that you are probably subscribed to Netflix, and you have already watched certain anime shows on the app. But if you haven’t, then what are you even waiting for? Though the app isn’t free, it still has many offers that would be worth it. The app offers a free trial for 30 days, and various monthly subscriptions.

Netflix might not be your first option when streaming anime. However, Netflix still boasts a lot of anime catalog such as Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Boku no Hero Academia, and more. They even partnered with Japanese animation studios like Studio Ghibli, which is popular for the animated movie Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, and so on much more.

The best part of watching anime on Netflix is that you can save your anime shows and watch them later for offline viewing. It is worth noting that once your subscription expires, all your saved videos will be deleted.


Tubi is a free streaming platform where you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and anime. They have a lot of classic anime shows, so if you are a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! Or Ronin Mecha, then the Tubi streaming app, is the one you are looking for. It would be truly nice to experience some nostalgia during these times.

Tubi’s user interface is pretty much straightforward and very simple. You can navigate through the app with ease without experiencing any mishaps or errors. But you might encounter some ads on the interface, which is expected since the app is ad-supported. The app is compatible with many platforms such as smart TVs, Android, iOS, and gaming consoles.


AnimeLab has no shortage of anime titles in its catalog, and you don’t even have to pay for anything for you to stream your favorite anime on this app. It has 718 shows and 32 genres, and you can demand your anime of choice to be added to their library. 

What makes AnimeLab well known is because of its wide range of accessibility. AnimeLab lets you stream your anime shows on various devices for your viewings such as Sony TV, Samsung TV, Apple TV, and various gaming consoles.


If you are a diehard fan of anime, chances are you already know Crunchyroll. As the leading anime streaming app in the US, this app has an immense collection of anime among all anime streaming apps. It has more than 50 million registered accounts all over the globe. It isn’t only a place where you can watch anime, but you can also watch Asian dramas and read manga titles.

The app offers a 14-day free trial and a $7.99 monthly fee if you want to have full access to their premium features. You will have unlimited access to their ad-free shows in high definition. 


How about you try all of these apps that we have listed, and choose which one piqued your interest. After all, some of these apps offer a free trial or are completely free. Watching anime has never been easier today with the help of these anime streaming apps. These apps will surely help you in finally watching the anime that you have always wanted to watch.