Four Important Tips On How To Load Up Your At-Home Bar

Four Important Tips On How To Load Up Your At-Home Bar


Consider your personal aesthetic, preferences, and budget — like who does your bar serve? What type of drinks do you see yourself making? What tools and apparatuses would you require to do so? And where should you go to buy japanese whisky singapore? This will help in helping you choose what to fill your bar with in order to make it uniquely yours. Let’s get started: 

1. What Is Your Bar For? 

If you’re that friend who always hosts parties at their house, it would make sense to stock up on ‘important liquors’ — basically the ones that would cater to a variety of preferences. This also means you would have to invest in other ingredients such as non-alcoholic mixers, liqueurs, tools, and more glassware. That way, you’re always prepared to make cocktails!

No pressure though — not everyone is a socialite either. You don’t actually have to stock your bar with a variety of liquors especially if you only have a preference for a few. After all, it is your bar. For example, if you like gin, you can start by expanding your gin collection to personalize your bar to your taste.

The one thing in common in any type of at-home bar is being well-stocked. Depending on your personal taste and preference, you would have to consider what type of liquors, liqueurs, mixers, and garnishes to have in order to customize your own bar to your liking.

2.  Types Of Liquors To Consider 

What makes anything strong depends on its foundation. And in this case, it’s about having at least each of the six base liquors: whisky, tequila, rum, vodka, brandy, and gin. This ensures that you’ll be prepared to create any cocktail you want to, especially on days when you want to try out a new cocktail.


Choosing which style of whisky to stock can be intimidating due to its diverse characteristics and uses. If you already have a preference, you’re on the right track in keeping your bar suited to your personal taste. It’s ideal, to begin with, two bottles, either in the same or different style. You can always grow this collection as you go along.

If you value versatility and prefer mixed drinks, it would be of advantage to include a bourbon and a Canadian whisky in your selection. For that strong whisky flavor, bourbon does the job. Unlike bourbon, Canadian whisky blends adapt well to any cocktail recipe due to its tendency to be more smooth than other blends.


For today’s modern tastes, tequila is the trend. It makes the foundation for many iconic margaritas and countless cocktails, so having at least one bottle doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. 

When it comes to tequila, remember that quality definitely trumps price. Pick any brand from the wide selection of today’s diverse tequila market and the smoothness and refinery will convince you that it was worth the investment.

Four Important Tips On How To Load Up Your At-Home Bar


To add versatility to your bar, two bottles of rum would do the job. Rum is more affordable than most liquors, so don’t worry if you want to make a cocktail without breaking the bank.

The first bottle could be a light rum, which does all the heavy lifting for most cocktail recipes such as daiquiris or mojitos. To add, it’s good to invest in a dark or spiced rum for your second bottle for more tropical and tiki type of cocktails. 


In any bar, it’s essential to at least have vodka. Thanks to its distinct, clean flavor, it’s the most used liquor in making cocktails compared to other distilled spirits. For example, the Screwdriver and the Martini both contain vodka as its base liquor.

If you’re looking to try something new, add any flavored vodka to your favorite drink. It may seem intimidating at first, so it’s recommended to start experimenting with safe flavors like either citrus or vanilla-flavored vodkas.


Many might argue that gin is an acquired taste, but it’s still recommended to at least have one in your bar. A safe bet would be a London dry gin for creating basic drinks like a Dry Martini or a Gin and Tonic.

Gin comes in various blends in today’s market, including botanical gins which have become trendy recently. This could be the start of your “gin journey”; where you might find yourself actually acquiring a taste for gin.


Brandy is mostly used in classic cocktails, which could be perfect for themed parties or perhaps just for fun. Although brandy does complete a modern bar’s inventory, it’s not necessary to have if you do not like it or drink it often.

3. What Type of Liqueurs Do You Like?

Liqueurs, usually sweeter, are mainly essential for flavoring in mixed drinks, which is why you’ll see so many of them in cocktail recipes. If you want versatility in a bar, having a range of liqueurs in stock could permit you to get creative and explore many different recipes. Here are some basic liqueurs you can start with before expanding your selection.

Basic Liqueurs

Basic liqueurs refer to those often used in most cocktail recipes, making them essential to stock up on. Here are some you could consider adding to your collection.

For starters, Amaretto liqueur is generally used in many types of cocktails; be it simple or intricate. It is also almond-flavored, which can make for very interesting recipes. 

If you’ve heard of Kahlua, you know that this Coffee Liqueur is the main star of many raved cocktails like the White Russian. 

Another popular brand, Baileys, is an Irish Cream liqueur you might consider getting a bottle of. Of course, there are many brands of Irish Cream liqueurs you could try, such as RumChata. 

Orange Liqueur is a must-have. If you’re big on cocktails, or if you want to start exploring making one, this is the go-to in many recipes. 

Lastly, for the martini lovers out there — your favorite drink is never complete without a Dry and Sweet Vermouth liqueur.

Four Important Tips On How To Load Up Your At-Home Bar

4. Don’t Forget These Ingredients! 

Besides liquors and liqueurs, we can’t forget the other non-alcoholic ingredients that add the ‘oomph’ factor to cocktails. These are easy to get and widely available in most supermarkets and stores too. We’ll take a look into some must-have mixers, fruits, and garnishes. 

Most importantly, we can’t forget about the importance of ice. No one wants a cocktail neat. In fact, ice is used in most of the cocktail-making processes. However, if you take pride in your craft, you’ll have to take note of the different forms of ice in order to make the most of your cocktail recipe. Trust us, it does play a part in how your cocktail ends up.

Juice Mixers

Let’s start with juices for mixers. It is highly recommended to use fresh juice if possible, but it is just fine to use normal, packaged juice just for convenience. 

Lemon and lime juice are essential ingredients in many cocktails. Additionally, you could easily squeeze either fruit for fresh juice to add to your drink. 

Where would drinks like the Screwdriver and Tequila Sunrise be without orange juice? For that citrusy freshness in your cocktails, bag yourself a bottle of orange juice the next time you get groceries.

The classic Vodka Cranberry or the Cosmopolitan can’t do without cranberry juice. Besides being a great anti-oxidant, they make for really great cocktails.

Stay fresh in the summer with summer cocktails, which sometimes use grapefruit juice. Although it’s not a necessity, you could create an array of drinks for a hot day with grapefruit juice. 

Another great mixer for a hot, summer day would be pineapple juice. Great for creating tropical cocktails and for garnishing the glass. However, we would recommend buying it in smaller quantities just to ensure its freshness. 

Not to forget the iconic Bloody Mary cocktail, you could never go wrong with tomato juice. 

Soda Mixers 

You do not want to forget stocking up on sodas when it comes to making cocktail recipes. You don’t have to get anything fancy here, but it’s great to have some on hand to help elevate your drinks. It would be better to purchase sodas in the smaller bottles or cans to avoid mixing drinks with flat soda. You could consider the bigger, liter bottles if you use them often or if you plan on hosting a party.

A basic list of must-have sodas would include Club Soda, Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Cola (or Diet Cola), and Lemon-Lime Soda.


Let’s be honest, we’re not going to garnish every drink we make in our bar. And that’s totally fine! However, popping a lime wedge in a Gin and Tonic or expressing an orange peel over a martini could really level up your cocktail game. 

Although garnishes are commonly known for making drinks more visually appealing, they play a part in enhancing the flavor of any drink too. Here are a few to consider.

Important garnishes you could consider getting would probably be the basic ones — citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges. This could double as a great source of juice and as a garnish too. 


With your favorite liquors, liqueurs, mixers, and garnishes loaded up in your bar, you’re good to go. You’ve well-equipped your at-home bar. Have fun exploring more recipes!