Fraser Island 2-day Great Lakes Escape for Backpackers

Fraser Island 2-day Great Lakes Escape for Backpackers

Best Fraser Island 2-day Great Lakes Escape for Backpackers

Blessed with rugged sandy beaches and crystal clear waterways, Fraser Island offers exciting adventures. This is what you would get when you book a Fraser Island 2-day great lakes escape for backpackers with Drop Bear Adventures.

What You will Explore

If you bring your driver’s license, you can get behind the wheel of a 4WD to cruise along the sandy roads.

You can enjoy a dip in the clear yet intensely blue waters of Lake Mackenzie. Lake Birrabeen is a quieter body of water with pleasantly white sandy beds and crystal clear water. You’ve got two other equally sublime options to explore if you love Fraser Island’s lakes. Paper bark trees flanks Lake Garawongera, shading swimmers from the hot sun. Lake Allom is home to turtles. The walking loop around the lake is scattered with numerous species of trees.

The largest creek on the eastern side of the Island, Eli Creek is great for swimming. There is a charming boardwalk which follows Eli Creek inland.

You can explore either the Coloured sands of Kirrar Sandblow or the Pinnacles of Coloured Sands. Kirrar Sandblow’s coloured sand is a World Heritage site, renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. The Pinnacles of Coloured Sands is a soaring timepiece. The many hued layers of sand tell the historic tale of Fraser Island.

Of course, the famous Maheno Shipwreck should be part of your Fraser Island adventure.

If time and weather permits, you can discover the remote allure of Double Island Point. A thriving population of local and migrant wildlife roams freely in the area.

Driver Safety

Driving along the sandy beds of Fraser Island is exhilarating. But, it is by no means easy. Here are some safety precautions to remember.

  • Don’t steer away from the lead car’s tracks
  • Avoid obstacles on the beach as well as waves lapping against the sand
  • Try not to swerve or make any sudden movements

Sands of Fraser Island

Fraser Island and Cooloola are what is left over of sandmasses that once stretched beyond 30 kilometers. For millions of years, ocean currents have swept sand towards the island, forming sand dunes. Millions of years of sand cover the island’s bedrock to form parallel sand dunes.

Some of the sand dunes are over 700,000 years old.

Fraser Island’s coloured sands are found north of its Eli Creek. The 72 different hues of red, yellow and brown were formed when iron-rich minerals stained sand. Constant sea winds and rain erode sandmasses, letting exquisite sculptures emerge.

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