Fraser Island 3-day Wilderness Camping Adventure for Backpackers

Fraser Island 3-day Wilderness Camping Adventure for Backpackers

Amazing Fraser Island 3-day Wilderness Camping Adventure for Backpackers

The untamed beaches, ancient forests and bountiful freshwater lakes of Fraser Island beckon visitors to linger and explore. What about a Fraser Island 3-day wilderness camping adventure for backpacker with Drop Bear Adventures? Here we go.

Your Adventure

You’ll spend your days in this rugged island, touring around in a 4WD. After dusk, you can enjoy the star tingles on your skin at the campsite. Spend some time wandering around the Central Station Rainforest to discover its magic. The Central Station Forest is home to the rare species of king fern Angiopteris evecta and the freshwater Wanggoolba Creek. Get up close to the Maheno shipwreck and learn about its eventful tale before it became Fraser Island’s most famous shipwreck.

Swim, Float and Dip

Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of naturally formed swimming holes at the Champagne Pools. Come low tide, you can soak up the salty waters and listen to the whistling-roar of the ocean. Take a dip in the rich, blue depths of Lake Mckenzie and swim in the turquoise waters of Eli creek. The swiftly flowing waters of Eli Creek present an invigorating experience. Gaze at the green depths of Lake Wabby.

More Adventures

When you go east to see the Indian Head, take your camera along. You’ll discover panoramic views of beaches all around.

If you are departing or going back to Noosa, on the way you can gaze at the enchanting rainbow beach. If time permits, you can take a detour to Cooloola National Park. You’ll be treated to breathtaking views. You could also visit Double Island Point to savour its magical blue seas and take a look at the lighthouse.

Stay safe

Queensland Government Parks and Forest department, advices visitors to take Dingo safety seriously. Dingoes are Fraser Island’s iconic wild canines. Never feed dingoes or leave food unattended.

What you should pack

If you are currently taking medication, don’t forget to pack those. You should pack a pair of sunglasses, hat and sunscreen to stay safe from harsh rays of the sun. If you are travelling from November to March bring bug repellent. A small backpack and swimwear are essential items for camping in Fraser Island. Be an eco-champion and bring your own refillable water bottle. A beach towel would not go amiss.

Most importantly, don’t forget your driver’s license. Your license is an essential item when you come on a Fraser Island 3-day wilderness camping adventure for backpackers. How else are you going to get behind the wheel of that Toyota 4WD?

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