Fraser Island Backpacker Tours from Noosa

Fraser Island Backpacker Tours from Noosa

Amazing Fraser Island Backpacker Tours from Noosa

Have you been thinking about joining one of the Fraser Island backpacker tours from Noosa? Let us take a look at what you can expect from a guided tour.

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What you’ll Explore

Go on an off-road adventure through endless sandy-beaches and discover the spell of ancient forests and sublime lakes. Take a memorable photo against colourful sandy cliffs. You can explore all these from the comfort of a 4WD.

Cooloola National Park

Explore nature’s sandy sculptures. The park is home to enormous dunes, tall cliffs, many hued sand and expansive beaches, all formed by thousands of years of wind and water. You’ll go on a scenic drive along lush forests where wildflowers grow and freshwater lakes abound. Highlights of this part of the drive include the Double Island Point Lighthouse, coloured sand and the red canyon.

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is the gateway to Fraser Island. The beach gets the name from its vibrant, mineral rich sandy cliffs. Laid back yet stunning, rainbow beach is the perfect stop before you set off on your adventure.

75 Mile Beach

Nature’s unspoilt gifts and that wide stretch of sand, makes 75 Mile beach, the perfect highway to enjoy adventure driving. If you have a valid driver’s license, you can get behind the wheel and follow the lead vehicle. If not, enjoy a thrilling, sandy ride with plenty of scenic views.

Lake Birrabeen or Lake McKenzie

Azure waters of Lake McKenzie beckon visitors to take a safe dip. The water is slightly acidic, so no creepy crawlies inhabit its waters. But, it is great for swimming and polishing trinkets. It is a ‘perched lake’, which means that it sits above water level and is fed only by rainwater. Lake Birrabeen is far less crowded than Lake McKenzie but it is similar in characteristics. Another perched body of water, Lake Birrabeen water is just as clean as Lake McKenzie’s. Sandy beds filter out organic colloids, meaning that the water remains crystal clear.

Stroll through a Rainforest

Stroll under a canopy of tall pine trees and catch glimpses of rare, giant ferns. You’ll love the lemon-scented fragrance of swamp vegetation and shrubs blooming g with wild flowers.

What to Pack

We recommend travelling light. Bring sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen and a reusable bottle. Don’t forget your swimwear for swimming in lakes and letting the current float you in Eli Creek. If you are travelling in November to March, bring bug repellent. 

If all this sounds exciting, go ahead and book your Fraser Island backpacker tour from Noosa.

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