Freeing The Baby Wardrobe: What To Do with Unnecessary Clothes

What To Do with Unnecessary Clothes

Children’s wardrobe is a troublesome phenomenon. While the baby is growing, parents often buy them new clothes and shoes. At the same time, it sometimes turns out that the child accumulates more things than they have time to wear. 

From time to time, all mothers revise their children’s wardrobes and rightfully ask themselves the question: what to do with all these adorable pieces for baby girl and boy you chose in a clothes magazine some of which are generally new, and many are worn only a couple of times. And if you do not have relatives and friends with children who will gladly accept these surpluses, you can try to get rid of unnecessary children’s clothes in other, rather traditional, ways.


You can simply sell new and almost unworn clothes. By the way, someone succeeds in selling things that the child wore without taking off for several seasons. Flea markets these days are becoming increasingly rare phenomena, but they still continue to exist. If you have time to wait patiently for the buyer, you can go there with your items.

For less diligent parents, there is an option to turn in things to a thrift store. But here you can get paid not immediately, but only after items find their buyer. The conditions are set by the store itself. For more modern parents, there are online ad placement services that allow you to sell remotely and at a convenient time.

Donate to Charity

If you don’t have an entrepreneurial streak, old and unnecessary baby items can be donated to those who need them the most. When deciding to dispose of clothes in this way, keep in mind one simple rule:

  • Look at the thing that you are about to give to another person critically. If you hadn’t put it on your child, the other person probably wouldn’t want it either. Therefore, old-fashioned clothes and worn underwear are not suitable for charity purposes. Remember also that all donated items must be clean, be free from old stains, and ready to wear. Clothes should be free of holes and evidence of moth activity. Sew on torn buttons and replace broken zippers.

After you have prepared your clothes, contact organizations that are professionally involved in helping those in need of things.

What To Do with Unnecessary Clothes

Give Away or Exchange

Probably the easiest of all options is to collect a bag of baby things and put it up near the trash cans. Usually, in such cases, children’s clothing finds its addressee. Just in case, you can attach a note to the bag with the following content: “Clothes for a girl 3-4 years old.” The practice of exchanging things is very common: free markets (self-organized fairs where you can freely exchange things) are gaining popularity. You can get all kinds of things exchanged for children’s clothes.


An option for parents who are concerned about environmental issues: recycle old clothes. This method is more suitable for decrepit things, but if you want to get rid of new ones, no one can stop you. Look for recycling points in your city or support the initiatives of famous brands.