Fun and Creative Ideas To Surprise Your Boyfriend

Fun and Creative Ideas To Surprise Your Boyfriend

Getting a gift for a guy is never easy as you get to choose from limited options that seem too repetitive after a while. You should pick something more personal and customized and prove that your gift-giving abilities are beyond the usual gift cards. Ditch the usual chocolate boxes and greetings cards and get him something creative and fun instead. Here are some fun and awesome ideas to surprise your boyfriend and make his day brighter.

1. Sports-Illustrated Coasters

Get a set of coasters with creative illustrations representing your boyfriend’s favorite sport or team. You can either look for coasters with a particular theme or get them customized through online stores. You can also choose the material. Since wooden engraving looks exotic, coasters made with cedarwood can be your top priority. If you wish to get extra creative, you can get a set of plain coasters and paint or illustrate them on your own. You can also use MDF wood and get it laser-cut. To add a personal touch, get an engraving of his favorite team’s quote. 

2. Beer Dispenser

If your guy likes his beer and cannot do without his usual pint every once in a while, get him a beer dispenser to enjoy his drink on the go. He no longer has to carry his beer cans around when he can easily get chilled beer dispensed within a few seconds. Since most beer dispensers are portable, he can also carry them on his trip. The cooling element of the dispenser keeps the beer chilled without depreciating its strength. Choose a dispenser based on the quantity and measurements to make it easier to use. You can also use this dispenser to drink any kind of beverage you like. 

3. Jerky Bouquet

A set of beef jerky flowers feels romantic and looks appetizing, thereby making it a fun and creative gift idea for couples. The jerky bouquet is made of flowers molded from beef jerky and a blend of other meats. While the stems are made of a blend, the flowers are 100% beef jerky. All jerky bouquets ordered from are placed in either a stainless steel pint or a glass jar. The stainless steel pint can later be used as a beer glass that keeps your beer cool due to its insulated construction. You can also buy a jerky bouquet with different flavors in one pint.

Fun and Creative Ideas To Surprise Your Boyfriend

4. Travel Jigsaw Puzzle 

If your boyfriend likes to travel or wishes to see the world, get him a travel-inspired jigsaw puzzle to curb his travel enthusiasm. Find a jigsaw puzzle that represents your man’s favorite spot or country. A 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle can be exciting to solve, which makes it a creative gift idea. Solving a jigsaw puzzle with your partner is a great way to spend some quality time and boost your brain’s cognitive skills. So, try to find a puzzle that is extremely difficult to solve. If he likes to travel, you can also add a scratch-off world map to the gift set. 

5. Customized Stockings or Socks 

Socks, as a gift, may seem modest but is actually a thoughtful present. To make it fun, get his face printed on the socks. Invest in a pair of high-quality socks as they last longer and are easier to print on. Get them customized through online stores that insert text or images based on your preference. Some print stores even suggest getting your pet’s face on the socks to make the present more thoughtful and memorable. 

6. Toilet Golf 

If your boyfriend likes to spend a lot of time in the toilet, a toilet golf set is an ideal gift for him. Moreover, it can help your boyfriend brush up his golfing skills instead of wasting his time on the phone when sitting on the toilet. Apart from using this tiny golf set in the toilet, he can also use it in his office to pass his free break time. The golf set includes a green mat, tiny golf clubs, mini-golf balls, a putter, a cup, and a flag. Some golf sets also come with ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs to hang them on the toilet door. This gift will definitely put a smile on your boyfriend’s face. 

Whether it’s your boyfriend’s birthday or the holiday season, getting any of these gifts will definitely wow him. Since most of these presents are affordable, you no longer have to go out of your way or over exceed your budget to please your boyfriend. Even though a simple gift card can suffice and make your boyfriend happy, giving one of these fun and creative gifts will add some spice and excitement to his special day.