Fun and Exciting Dating Options to Try During Lockdown

Fun and Exciting Dating Options to Try During Lockdown

The current global situation has forced many countries to either start a lockdown or advise its citizens with social distancing rules. The days of coming up with quick cake recipes are over and fatigue has set in. The one thing we are sure of so far is that the effect of lockdown on relationships has been severe.

Some couples have never been happier after they have managed to solve complicated issues their relationship was suffering from. Other couples have started realizing that spending the rest of their lives together might not be the best plan for either of them.

Spending too much time together is not the only reason why there have been major changes in most relationships. Increased levels of stress, the financial climate, the constant worry, and the major changes we are dealing with have been almost like a wake-up call for many of us. During the lockdown, many couples have found themselves spending way too much time together. 

While this might be a dream come true for many people, it still does not leave much room for mysteriousness, excitement, romance, or some “me” time when you can relax and kickback. To combat the effects of lockdown on your relationship and add some spiciness, here are some fun and exciting dating ideas to try.

Cocktail Making

That glass of wine at the end of the day has become more of a routine than it’s a way of relaxing and kicking back. You and your partner probably miss having some drinks after a long tiring day at work. Instead of going out and risking your lives, you can plan a DIY cocktail making night. On one hand, it’s a new and fun activity that you both can try while enjoying each other’s company. On the other hand, you get a taste of awesome creative cocktails that you probably miss. This is probably the cheapest and tastiest happy hour you can have. On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about driving home or getting frisky without a private place to have fun. There are a few online cocktail classes and courses that can walk you through making tasty cocktails step by step.

Spice It Up

In this time of turmoil, it’s much better to have someone you love with you. However, spending this much time with someone without having any distractions, responsibilities outside the house, or having some alone time with yourself, definitely takes the magic right out of the relationship. Even dressing up and going out for date night is not an option anymore. 

Still, you have the option to bring back some magic and excitement in your relationship even if you are spending every waking second together. This is the perfect time for you both to start experimenting with different fetishes or sexual fantasies any of you might have. Even if you feel like you have tried everything there is to try, which is impossible, you can resort to porn and erotica stories to get inspired. The folks behind Sex Sites stated that there are tons of different websites with different categories you can explore. While there are many ideas that might feel too odd to even give a chance, you can still find some new and exciting ways to spice up your routine. Trying new things and mixing up your routine will drive boredom right out of the window. This will give you a new chance to enjoy each other just like you used to at the beginning of your relationship.

Romantic Dates

Even if we don’t have the option to go out to a nice restaurant to gaze in each other’s eyes and talk for hours, this doesn’t mean that we can’t dress up and have the time of our lives right at the comfort of our houses. If a big romantic dinner with some scented candles doesn’t sound enticing enough, you can place the scented candles around your bathtub, throw in some rose petals, add your favorite bubble bath soap, and voila. 

All you need to do is to crack open a bottle of wine and play your favorite tracks or “your song”. If this is just another Tuesday night for you and your partner, then you can play a live stream from an aquarium and crack open a couple of cold beers to chill and relax together. You can also have another “Netflix and chill” night but this time, you can try something new like role-playing. There are hundreds of different ideas that you can both enjoy as a couple. The important thing is to dedicate a date night to break the routine and add some spiciness to your days.

Enjoying Each Other’s Hobbies

Whenever you are in love with someone, it’s completely natural to want them to enjoy the things you do. However, in the past, we rarely had enough time to enjoy our own hobbies, let alone trying out our partners’. This is the perfect time for you both to start sharing something you love together. Maybe you have always wanted to take some cooking classes. In this case, you can both sign up for online cooking classes where you can try something new and fun together. If your partner has always taken interest in learning a certain instrument or indulge in the beauty of making music, you can both sign up for online classes to learn more. Regardless of what you choose to sign up for, the activity itself doesn’t matter as much as you are enjoying each other’s companies and sharing the moment together.

Due to the current global situations, relationships are suffering just like anything else. Couples who are spending quarantine together locked up inside their houses and couples that are isolated feet apart are both suffering. Even if you feel like the magic is no longer there, there is always a way to spice things up whether inside or outside the bedroom. Even if you are spending every waking moment together, you still need to dedicate a night for a romantic date where you can explore new ideas and have fun together.