Fun Things To Do In Australia That Won't Break Your Bank

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Getting around the land down under can be a daunting task. Because Australia is so large, and so sparsely populated, it can take a while to get around, and it doesn’t help that a huge portion of the country is actual wilderness. Still, that doesn’t mean that Australia offers nothing to those who want to visit it. Australia is a great place to visit in of itself, and sometimes you don’t even need to break the bank when you do.

Here’s just a few ways to enjoy the land down under on a budget:

1. Go on a river cruise cheap

The city of Brisbane offers you a chance to cruise the whole length of the Brisbane River for a price. While the official river cruises cost as much as $50, a better alternative is actually going on the city ferry and running the entire length of the river for a one-time fee of $4. You get to tour one of the best sites in Brisbane, including Kangaroo Point, the CBD High-rise, the Story Bride and Southbank. The open deck on these city ferries also provides good photo opportunities and a decent view.

2. Go see a movie or visit an art gallery

Southbank is considered to be the cultural hub of Brisbane, where you get to see art exhibits for free. You also have the chance to visit numerous museums, from science and culture to natural history, mostly for free, though some do require small one-time fees for admission. If art galleries or museums aren’t exactly your style, and you find yourself in Sydney, there are a number of boutique cinemas you can visit to watch a movie. Certain cinemas like the Chauvel or the Hayden Orpheum offer cheap cinema tickets and provide a variety of shows without breaking your wallet.

3. Explore Sydney’s historical precinct

Considered to be one of the first settlements in Australia, The Rocks is a is a historical commune that shows people a glimpse of an older time. Situated near the Sydney harbor, this precinct offers a variety of sights, a wonderful waterside area, as well as a foodie market every Friday. The Rocks is also home to the Dreaming Aboriginal Heritage Museum, where you get to have a chance to learn about Australia’s indigenous culture and history.

4. Enjoy some scenic views

Whether you find yourself in Perth, Sydney or Brisbane, another good way to enjoy what Australia has to offer is to check the local scenic spots and simply enjoy the view. For Perth, the DNA tower in King’s Park is a great place to see the city’s skyline, while Brisbane has Kangaroo point, where you get to have the option to enjoy having a barbeque while also being treated to some of the best views in Australia. The Hornby Lighthouse in Sydney, situated in the South Head peninsula offers the best waterside view of Jackson Bay and the Tasman Sea.

Not many things on this list cost beyond $10 to enjoy, and some of them are free as well. Australia is a land filled with mystery and offers a unique take on what a holiday destination should be. If you know where to look, you’ll discover that this vast continent actually has a lot to offer.