Funeral Party Exclusive

Funeral Party Exclusivefuneral party

BBM’s Hannah Shakir recently caught up with new band sensation Funeral Party after they performed live at Banquet Records, in Kingston Upon Thames. Taking their influences from artists such as Brian Eno, Caberat Voltaire, Yaz, Aphex Twin, Au Paris, Human League, The Normal, Funeral Party ripped through the small record shop turned gig venue with new tracks off their album such as ‘NYC Moves To The Sound of LA’ and ‘Just Because’. Currently exciting most radio DJ’s over here in the UK at the moment, we thought we’d go and see what this exciting new five-piece band had to offer through their unique blend of rock, varied percussion and punkish vocals, sang by lead singer Chad Elliot.

Casually perching on top of an amp case, smiling and laughing Chad is one laid back dude, as his other band members continue to help pack up the equipment, leaving their front man to handle business…

So how have all the gigs and festivals that you’ve been performing at in the UK been?

“Yeah they were awesome. It’s been pretty crazy and we’re all pretty tired. But Leeds was really cool.”
And what do you guys make of the British crowds?
“They’re starting to build up a lot, at first we didn’t know what to make of them as everyone was just standing there, but there was dancing, we saw some people shakin’.”
What are you guys going to be up to when you get back to LA?
“Besides sleeping, we’re doing a residency at this place called the Bootleg Theatre, and aside from that our days off are spent writing for album number two, even though album number one isn’t even out yet.”
And what can we expect from album number two, or is it a bit too early to think about it?
“It’s too early say, but I think we want to explore some instruments, we don’t necessarily have yet.”

So how did the name Funeral Party come about? Funeral Party Exclusive “We didn’t have a name, and everyone was kind of being lazy, so one day I heard The Cure song and I didn’t I didn’t know what song it was, so I asked my sister and she was like The Funeral Party, and it’s like a light bulb went off, and I was like that sounds like a cool name. So I told these guys, and of course they didn’t like it, but we just got too lazy to change it.”
And what about the name of your debut album The Golden Age of Nowhere?
“At the time when we were writing it, we were trying to think of a concept for it. I wanted to name it kind of like a book title, and so that one just looked good on paper. “
What can we expect from your debut album then?
“The album is full of a lot of youthful energy, and a lot of feelings we had growing up and we just put it out there, it’s our first effort so… “

You guys have already performed in Japan, what was that like?
“Japan was amazing. That was the first time we played a big festival like that. To see a big crowd like that all synchronized jumping is like a dream. I forgot we were up there, for a second it was almost like watching U2 playing or something. And I was like woah, they’re doing this to us, they’re doing it to us!”
How have you found all the attention you’ve got recently, as obviously you guys have blown up in the UK all of a sudden?
“It’s a little surreal, we picked up Q magazine, as we had a spread in there, and it’s funny to see your picture in a magazine, you know? The first time we came here the most surreal thing was the vinyl we put out, and just opening it up and seeing our name on a vinyl is like a dream come true for me.”
Have you got plans to do any more touring in the near future?
“Hopefully soon. We’re going to do an American tour with Two Door Cinema Club, but after that I don’t really know what they have planned for us when the album actually comes out, I’m sure they’re going to throw us somewhere.”
Where do you get your inspiration from when writing your songs?
“I really depends on the mood of the day, or some bands that I’ve been listening to, if I’m like wow I love what they’re doing, I want to create something new and similar to that. “
So, Chad, who are you into at the moment? Funeral Party Exclusive “The most recent band that I was blown away by was The Horrors actually, ‘cause I never really liked them, and just thought they were some dumb band, but I listened to their latest record and I was just completely blown away on how I had heard a few of their old songs, and how this record was just so far fetched from it and it was just so cool. “
If you could collaborate with anyone in the future who do you think it would be?
“I don’t know. I would maybe like to collaborate with a girl singer just to see how that goes. I can’t think of one off the top of my head, but maybe some cool producers. “
Funeral Party’s The Golden Age of Nowhere is out 2nd December 2010.