Fur Coat Interview

fur coat balance compilation

Venezuelan duo, Fur Coat, is releasing their first official compilation, ‘Balance Presents…’.. Out now in Australia, Israel Sunshine and Sergio Muñoz chat to us about the release, moving to Barcelona and their top track of all time.

Balance was your first official compilation. How was that experience? How did you decide on the song choices for the Balance compilation?
Yes, Balance is our first official compilation. I think we had a clear mind of what we wanted to do when we first had the opportunity to come into this project. We have a lot of friends and contacts with labels, so we just start knocking on some doors, asking for some fresh material as we were doing this compilation. We also had tracks in mind we wanted (both classics and new) so we went after them. After we had made our selection and got all clear, we needed to compress the full selection into less tracks and make it fit in an hour long CD. So it took us like a week to hit with the final mix. We just played with the tracks in different order, play with loops and went back and forth till we were happy on what we had in mind. Once it was all arranged, we recorded this mix live, so it had the real vibe of us DJ-ing, and not just a bunch of tracks probably edited in Ableton (we aren´t against this but mixing it live was what we wanted for this mix).

Were there any tracks that one of you wanted that the other didn’t?
Probably – as we both put our ideas on the table. We have known each other for a long time and we had a concept to show so getting rid of some tracks that didn’t fit wasn’t difficult. Firstly, we presented tracks that gave the mix a sense of a trip with the concept of making it timeless. Secondly, we had plenty of options so we decided on the final result together, rather than focusing on just a track that one might like and the other not.

What was the choice behind including your tracks ‘U Turn’ and ‘Monday’ in the compilation?
Well, with ‘U Turn’, it has become kind of a classic for us as it has a modern stamp to it, but with timeless sound which is what we want to be putting out there. Being our first compilation and this song still being fresh from 2014, we felt it was something that people would like us to include. It also made sense to the story we were telling in our mix. ‘Monday’ is an exclusive track which will only be available on the mix, but will be made available for purchase down the line. It’s also a part of the story we tell on the CD as it is part of the high peak of the trip and that energetic part that the mix.

Now moving into producing, what is Fur Coat’s process for producing a track in the studio? Do each of you play a role or is everything done together?
We each play a role off course. (Sergio) I’m more of the synth and melody freaky guy. Israel is more into percussion and edition. Although we both have our strengths, we both work together in the studio to obtain the Fur Coat sound. If we are jamming, throwing a melody, making a beat, structuring or whatever, we both are going to be having opinions on what we are doing, and giving a path to what we want to create. As we’ve said before, we don´t go for a strict idea, we just let things flow, and if we are feeling it we go from there.

You are both now based in Barcelona. Does the culture in Barcelona have any influence on your sound?
I think our sound obviously has been influenced by our move to Barcelona. We are evolving human beings, so all the surroundings and experiences have an important role in what you do in your daily basis. It´s not only Barcelona, its food, its weather, and all that inspires us and influence our sounds; also our travels around the world influences us incredibly.

It’s well known you have a mutual appreciation for aspects of culture, like food. Where can we go in Barcelona to eat?
We both are food lovers. It´s one of our things we do over the trips on our weekends around the world. Food definitely plays an important role in our life’s. We both cook and we both love eating good food. In Barcelona there are so many places, but we have a list of course. Michelin Star restaurants like Tickets, Pakta, Abac, Koy Shunka are few of the choices. Good restaurants with quality fresh food are Xemei (Venitian Cuisine), Cheriff or Pez Vela (Mediterranean Cuisine, specially Arroces), Bar Cañete (Best Tapas), Oaxaca and Tlaxcal (For mexican food), Kibuka or Nakashita (For Sushi), Tanta (Peruvian). Good food at a great price on a daily basis: Sitar (Indian Cuisine), BunBo (Vietnamise), Luna Rossa (Great Italian Pizza), Ramen ya Hiro or Koku Kitchen (Ramen),Flax and Kale (Vegan and Cold press juices), for Arepas and Venezuelan Cuisine go to la Taguara and La Taberna del Eixample. That’s only a few of what we can recall. So many good places!

Having played at festivals and clubs around the world, are there any stand out memories (good or bad) that you have?
Always a hard question! Brazil, Ibiza, Miami, New York, South Africa, Mauritius…. where do we start? It’s hard and unfair to put a name on one. Every gig has its own special thing that goes to our book of life.

Have there ever been any problems while playing live?
Yes, there have been some fail technicalities. A fail in electricity we had recently and the equipment went off, but when it came back people went crazier! Most of the times things happens when there are big lineups in big festivals, and there are issues while changing artists. Probably not so much during our sets, but before we start or after we leave the music to another DJ there are usually issues like the music stops, the monitors going off, just to name a few.

Is there any country that you like to tour that you haven’t been able to yet?
Japan. But we know it’s coming soon. We are really attracted to their culture. It’s a place we both want to visit.

What is your top track of all time to either listen to or play out?
Junior Boys – ‘Like a Child’ (Carl Craig Remix) or Superpitcher – ‘Happiness’ (Michael Mayer Remix)

If you wanted us to listen to just one of your tracks, which would it be?
‘U Turn’. As we said before, for us it’s the perfect combination of a melodic, groovy, techno track. It says a lot of who we are.

Can you tell me about your remix for Stephan Bodzin’s ‘Sungam’? How did that opportunity come about?
We just got contacted by Stephan through a private message. We knew the track and we know Stephan as an artist for many years, as we have played a lot of stuff from him. Who would imagine we will be remixing him? So as we knew the track, we know it’s a project we wanted to do. We just hit the studio and made it happen. When we send it to them, they were super happy with the result. We were also very happy with it once we played it out!

Any finally, any upcoming releases or news you’d like to share?
This month we have the Balance compilation, the Sungam remix and an EP on Crosstown Rebels. After that we have some projects for summer and remixes and new originals, but the only ones that we can announce for now is a remix for Rework on Yakazi label.

by Isabella Olivieri