Gambling Laws in Australia and New Zealand: How do they differ?

Gambling Laws in Australia and New Zealand

The legalities of online gambling in Australia and New Zealand are different from other countries. It’s not illegal for residents of Australia or New Zealand to play in online casinos. However, the establishment of online gambling websites in Australia and New Zealand is prohibited. This means that residents of New Zealand and Australia can enjoy online gambling on legal casino websites of foreign providers. Let’s look at the gambling laws in Australia and New Zealand.

1) There’s a long tradition of gambling in New Zealand

Even though gambling was not legal in New Zealand, it’s always been popular there. Almost everything in the gambling sector was prohibited till the beginning of the 20th century. The Gambling Act of 1908 allowed betting on popular sporting events, especially horse racing.

These harsh laws were relaxed to a certain extent in 1961, and in the late 1990s, slots and lotteries became legal. The Gambling Act of 2003 permitted gambling operators to provide casinos and non-casino services to their customers. However, such permission is meant exclusively for stationary gambling, such as lotteries and gambling at races.

2) What is the legal stance on online gambling in New Zealand?

When it comes to online gambling, i.e., games of chance where users interact with the help of communication devices, New Zealand has very strict laws. Gambling websites based in New Zealand are prohibited. However, online gambling is very much permitted for New Zealand residents, as long as the website operator is based outside the country. For example, a top online casino in New Zealand allows residents from New Zealand to play their games.

3) What are the consequences for online gamblers from New Zealand

The online platforms on which New Zealand residents gamble are located outside New Zealand. As a result, these are not subject to New Zealand laws. In case of any disagreements between the games operator and the gambler, international law applies. However, reputable online casinos have appropriate licenses and follow guidelines from renowned regulators, which helps to ensure that players from New Zealand do not get cheated. 

4) What are the legal rules for online gambling in Australia?

Australia has a federal law when it comes to gambling. Apart from this, each state has different regulations when it comes to gambling. The 2001 interactive Gambling Act is the overriding government act when it comes to gambling. Furthermore, websites offering online casino games are technically illegal in Australia. Online casinos, however, are extremely popular amongst Australians, second only to sports betting.

5) A breakdown of how each Australian state implement gambling laws

Australian players can still access online casinos outside their country, even though it is illegal according to federal law. So, are online casinos legal in Australia? Let’s look at how each Australian state implements gambling laws:

– Australian Capital Territory

 This state does not permit access to any online casino games. They are strict when it comes to following federal laws.

– New South Wales

New South Wales mostly turns a blind eye to online gambling activities, and players can access online casinos outside Australia. One of the reasons for this is that NSW is a highly densely populated state with more than 8 million residents in a comparatively smaller landmass than other states. So, it’s practically impossible to enforce an online ban

– Northern Territory

 This state is well known for sports betting and is the headquarters for all sports betting action and legislation. They have a strict policy against the access of online casino sites by their residents.

– Queensland

When it comes to online casino play, they mostly turn a blind eye in terms of implementing online gambling laws. However, there have been cases when they’ve actively chased online casino sites that serve residents of their state.

– South Australia

South Australia is highly restrictive when it comes to accessing online gambling sites. Residents of the state are not permitted to access online casinos at all.

– Tasmania

Tasmania has limited access to online casinos but usually turns a blind eye to any online gambling

– Victoria

Victoria is one of the few states in Australia that has taken legal action against online casino sites offering their games to players residing in this state.