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    Get The Right Advice On Overseas Pension Transfers

    Receiving the correct financial advice, when migrating to Australia, could provide you with some excellent financial benefits for your existing UK assets and investments, including pensions.


    If you have a UK private or company pension, you will need advice as to whether to transfer your pension to Australia or leave it in the UK – and on the timing of any potential transfer.
    With the right advice, it is possible to transfer your UK pension to Australia and retire tax free on those benefits in Australia.

    However, neither the UK’s HMRC nor the Australian Tax Office make the process easy. There are procedures to be followed and regulations to be adhered to, both in the UK and Australia, before a transfer can go ahead.

    With expert advice, you can minimise the tax implications and reduce exposure to currency fluctuations, when transferring your pension funds to Australia.

    Other Tax Considerations

    There are important UK income tax, capital gains tax (CGT) and inheritance tax (IHT) implications that centre around whether an individual should retain or sell their UK property or investments. Allied to this, Australia have their own tax regulations, on foreign investments, held by a resident of their country.

    Global QROPS Ltd

    Global QROPS’ unique expertise can provide insight into the considerable differences between the tax regimes in the UK and Australia, and provide an individual with pre-migration advice that will help you take advantage of the tax breaks available and avoid falling into some of the tax traps that a move Australia could potentially lead to.

    Global QROPS Ltd are UK based financial advisers, authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Their advisory team has many years’ experience in advising people, who are migrating to Australia, on the best strategy for their UK pensions, property, savings and investments.
    Based in Australia, BDH Sterling, the licensed Australian arm of Global QROPS, will then be perfectly positioned to continue the advice process for when you need advice in Australia.

    For more information on Global QROPS Ltd or to arrange a free initial consultation in the UK, call 01372 724249, email and visit

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