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If you’re keen on hitting the festivals this year, the Stoke Travel Festival Passport is the ticket. It guarantees you the most awesome festival experience in Europe while leaving travel options flexible and open ended.
So if you’re too cool for school and all those big bus tours with matching t-shirts, but still want to party with the cool kids and meet other fun-loving travellers, look no further. You can choose from any of Stoke’s 23 festivals (more to come); the pass includes 3 nights in any festival with everyday breakfast and dinner every second night.
You only need to book with Stoke Travel by calling up or sending an email seven days in advance – and your place is guaranteed. Wait; it gets better. Passholders are welcome to unlimited booze at the campsites and a host of cheap or free drinks deals at other locations.
The pass is valid for up to 12 months from your starting date.
Options include:
The Hobo Two Festival Pass for three nights and two festivals at €360
The Nomad Three Festival Pass for three nights at three festivals at €540
The Gypsy Five Festival Pass for three nights at six festivals at €900 (sixth festival free)
Wham-Bam Summer of Stoke Pass for three nights at 10 festivals at €1440 (two festivals free)
Festival options range across Europe including Benicassim, Ibiza Hippie Camp, Fringe Fest Edinburgh, Morocco Surf Palace, Oktoberfest in Munich, the Bull Run in Pamplona, Spain the Sziget Festival in Budapest, and much more.

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