Give a Girl the Right Bag and She Can Conquer the World

Give a Girl the Right Bag

A bag is just a bag, right? Wrong! That statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. As any woman, and she’ll tell you stories about how different bags made her feel in different situations. How it complemented a suit she was wearing to a meeting and made her feel powerful, or how she walked into an exam holding onto her lucky backpack and passed with flying colors, or how she met the love of her life swinging her favorite purse over her shoulders. Our bags are part of our milestones and the stories we tell about our lives and our experiences, and they have the power to make us feel good, or different and transform into whoever we want to be at any given moment.. It’s amazing how a girl can just hold a bag and know that she can conquer the world! So which kind of bag makes you feel good?


Backpacks are a girl’s best friend throughout every experience in her life. From school, to college, to the gym and even to work. There are great backpacks for women that are designed for specific occasions. For example, if you want to travel, then the variety or travel backpacks available are amazing. They’re classy, durable and extremely comfortable as well. There are even backpacks that have been specifically designed for work and are designed in a way that is simple, slick and look great for the workplace.


How could we possibly talk about how bags make a woman feel amazing without paying homage to the handbag? These bags take the main stage when it comes to how they can make you feel when you have one on your arm. They come in such a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colors that it allows you to find your personality and transform it to your liking. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, what you’re wearing or where you’re going, there’s always a handbag to add that extra oomph to your character.

Work Bags

Besides the fact that you can use a backpack, there are also a wide variety of sexy and professional work bags that you can use when going to the office or if you’re heading out to an important meeting. From totes to shoulder bags, these bags come in beautiful leathers that vary in browns, blacks, navy blue and beige. You have a color for every occasion and for every work outfit imaginable. These will certainly add the finishing touch to your professional look and make you feel all that more powerful and confident.

Shopping Bags

We can’t talk about the bags that make you feel like you can conquer the world without mentioning the shopping bag! Just having a bag in your hand with a brand name on it, teasing you with what it holds inside makes you feel amazing and brand new. We all know about retail therapy and how at the worst of times, going out and buying something can paste a smile back on your face and get you ready for a new day! All it takes is a sexy branded shopping back with a bunch of goodies inside and you already feel like a million bucks!

Give a girl the right bag, and you’ve transformed her into something new! Bags help us feel confident and full of life, not to mention the fact that they carry everything we need as well. So get out there and find the right one that makes you feel good.