Glamping Spots Around The World You Should Visit

Glamping Spots Around The World You Should Visit

Photo by Amanda Klamrowski from Pexels

Glamping or luxury camping is a lifestyle where you get to enjoy the outdoors without being subject to the harsh conditions of the environment. It’s really the most ideal way to visit some of the most beautiful locations in the world without having to worry about the elements or the universally annoying wildlife (mosquitoes, ick). There’s countless options to choose from around the world if you’re looking to set yourself up for a cozy experience, and it’s really dependant on what you prefer. 

Here’s a list of glamping spots around the world you wouldn’t want to miss.

Agafay Desert, Morocco

If you’re really looking for a glamorous visit look no further than the luxurious tents offered in Agafay Desert, Morocco. With a stunning desert landscape that’s broken by the pleasant accommodations offered, you won’t even feel like you’re sleeping in a desert. Offering services such as being able to adventure to the Atlas Mountains, and the Sahara desert, dining underneath the desert sky surrounded nothing by lanterns and the stars is sure to be an outstanding experience. If you love quadding, driving through the desert landscape on your bike and ripping sand into the air is going to seem like your personal playground. Electricity isn’t offered at this destination, but given that you’re trying to get away from the rat race that isn’t necessarily a downfall.

Mains Farm, Scotland

While Western Scotland might not be the first thing that comes to mind when a lot of people envision glamping. It’s certainly a growing industry in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Get away from the rat race of modern suburbia and enjoy that gorgeous Scottish countryside. Not only does this site offer wheelchair accessibility, they also offer electric hot tubs, and electricity. This is definitely the route you want to take if you’re looking for a comfortable experience while you’re choosing glamping sites around the world. Even better, there’s dozens of sites in the UK to choose from, which you can read more here about that. If you’re a bit of an adventurer as well as a “glamper” you’re going to love the fact they offer opportunities like surfing, and hiking in some pretty cool areas.

Masoala, Madagascar

If camping on the coastline of the ocean in Madagascar is more your thing, then this is a glamping site you definitely should research. With stilted decks built directly over the ocean you’ll be able to have the full experience of camping ocean-side without having to rough through the elements. Snorkelling, kayaking, and adventuring through the rain forest are all options at this site. Something about being tucked in between the coastline and gorgeous treeline sounds like an amazing experience. This glamping experience tends to be on the pricier side, so it’s really dependant on if you have your heart set on this location.

Sandane, Norway

While you initially might not associate the thought of treehouses with Norway I’m telling you it looks absolutely phenomenal. They come with glass equipped on every side to offer a 360 degree view of the nearby Fjord (don’t worry, there’s enough privacy to go to the bathroom). This site offers running water and a comfortably sized treehouse, raised high enough so that you can view the beautiful hills of the Nordic country. Outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking and horseback riding are all offered through this location so you won’t be bored and cooped up in your temporary home. These treehouses come with a moderate-high price tag.

El Soberbio, Argentina

If you’re really looking to get lost in the rainforest, getting away from the stress of day to day life this one is going to be most attractive to you. This site offers everything from a private pool, inside heating and a refrigerator leaning to the more glamorous side of glamping. If hiking through the rain forest, and kayaking along the Uruguay river sounds like the perfect fantasy for you, El Soberbio is where you want to go. The prices on this visit are reasonable and if the humid weather of South America doesn’t isn’t something you’d mind, it’s a great option to spend your glamping adventure.

There’s countless options to go luxury camping around the world and if you’re itching to go there is somewhere that will fit your needs perfectly. The prices around these sites vary considerably depending on the country and accommodations. There’s no reason to try and deal with the downsides of camping without trying to live comfortably. The sites listed above are some of the glamping sites you’re going to want to keep in your mind, but there are many to choose from.