Glitch Festival 2017: An Insider View On What To Expect

Glitch Festival7-8th September 2017, Malta – Tickets from €69.90

In its debut outing last summer, Glitch Festival brought techno masters Ben Klock, Carl Craig and Tom Trago alongside some of electronic music’s most revered artists for a 2-day party. Now in its second-year Glitch Festival returning to the island of Malta with an eclectic selection of house and techno heavyweights with Ben Klock, Maceo Plex, Marcel Dettmann, Jon Hopkins, Mr. G, DJ Stingray, Blawan and many more spinning in Gianpula’s abandoned fortress, sound tracking this Mediterranean adventure.

With an intimate atmosphere stemming from its underground music scene and community, diverse line up of local talent and international key players and stunning location it’s easy to see how Glitch is making waves and furthering Malta’s name as a must-visit destination. With superb weather and a glittering at your beck and call, Glitch is an ideal way to send off the summer. Here, we speak to the organisers and DJ’s who’ll be making this year’s Glitch Festival one to watch out for in summers to come….

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Cain (Local DJ, Glitch co-organiser)

What’s the local music scene like Malta?
I would say you are someone which is too picky if you happen to say that there isn’t anything you like happening around, especially in Summer. There’s something going on nearly everyday. From sunset chill out sets near a local beach, to jazz jamming sessions in the capital city. There are also club nights happening week in week out which makes the underground scene healthier and more interesting. I would say it’s quite good.

What kind of vibe/music can people expect? Are there local promoters, venues or clubs people should look at checking out on the island?
The people which visit such nights know what they are after, so it makes it really worth while when playing as they are there because they are following the music. There aren’t that many clubs which cater for the music we follow, although there can be a one off event which might be worth a visit. The only club which is truly known within the underground scene is the Liquid Club.

What’s the best area for music?
It really depends on what you’re looking for. I find myself going to Valletta every so often, mainly as I enjoy listening to Jazz music too and Valletta seems to have a few good venues which host regular gigs and jam sessions. Just recently, a new jazz bar has opened in Valletta, called Offbeat. It has this nice modern, minimalistic look to it and most importantly is frequented by musicians and music lovers alike. Although it has only opened recently, they have been hosting many gigs and jam sessions. International jazz artists like Fred Pasqua (French drummer) and Sandro Zerafa (A Maltese musician based in Paris) have also played there.

How is having more festivals on the islands effecting the scene?
Well you can’t compare them to each other. There are quite a few festivals going on but none of them are the same. Most of them tend to be way too commercial for my liking too so I tend not to follow.

Do you think Malta will ever go down the Croatia and Ibiza route? Become a big party island?
Malta is what it is. I’m quite happy with the scene as it is now, I would say it’s quite established and also talked about by many.

Glitch Festival 2017

Kevin Ellul – Glitch Organiser

Why did you decide to set up the festival?
It all started over a couple of beers early in 2015. I would say it has been years in the making though. We had always dreamed and hoped that it would somehow be possible one day to organise a festival of this stature. With over 15 years of experience organizing events, taking the plunge to take it up a notch (or more) to organize a festival was almost a natural step in the right direction.

Malta has been a destination that is growing in popularity over recent years, why do you think this is?
The ‘scene’ here in Malta goes back to the early 90s, events were less frequent back in the day though very popular. As the years rolled on things started to get bigger and bigger. Nowadays the scene is going from strength to strength. Every weekend people can choose carefully from a good number of events happening.

Overall Malta has a lot to offer as the perfect festival destination. The hospitality, the climate, the food and the Mediterranean lifestyle. You’re never more than 20 minutes away from the nearest beach. That can’t be a bad thing, right?
We believe we’ve added a lot of value to Malta as a travel destination too. Following a very successful first edition of Glitch Festival last year, we’ve been working all year to improve every aspect. The line-up itself is proof of this for a festival of our size, it’s an amazing line-up – no fillers, just headliners.

Malta is making some waves across the international press. It can only mean we are on the way to becoming one of the best festival destinations in Europe.

We love a good culture tip. Can you tell us your favourite Maltese meal, starter, main, dessert, drink?
Traditional Maltese food, inspired by centuries of different rulers that have left their mark on food and culture in general.

Snack: ‘Pastizzi’: This is the traditional savoury pastry of Malta. Usually comes in two fillings, ricotta or mashed peas. The real magic is in the pastry itself. It’s made of very thin, flaky, and soft layers of pastry similar to phyllo-pastry but not quite.

Starter: ‘Timpana’: It’s basically a pie made from pasta – divine!

Main: ‘Fenek moqli’: Fried Rabbit in Garlic. This is a Maltese delicacy. Do not order it from some random restaurant across the island. This has to be taken at very specific places which specialize in it. Mgarr is one of the more common places where you can get good rabbit.

Dessert: ‘Figolli’: A traditional Easter biscuit filled with and almond paste mix and usually topped with icing or chocolate.

Drink: ‘Cisk’: Probably one of the best lager beers in the world

What’s your favourite beach location in Malta?
Malta offers an abundance of rocky beaches and natural swimming pools. If we had to pick just one it would be San Blas in Gozo (Malta’s sister island). Blue lagoon in Comino island & St Peter’s pool in the south of Malta are also worth a visit. September in Malta still offers very good conditions for swimming.

What’s the perfect way/place/day to get over a hangover or relax after an epic festival experience in Malta?
Malta boasts a big number of attractions from the majestic capital city of Valletta, Mdina, Birgu, the neolithic temples and many more. The climate in September is also ideal to enjoy some of the most amazing beaches before heading down to the festival. Comino is definitely a must if you want to swim in some of the clearest waters found in the Mediterranean. If anyone is spending some extra days, catch a ferry to Gozo – the small sister island is the perfect place to wind down after 2 days of dancing.

Is there a bar/club/cafe that people have to visit on the island?
The best and most authentic Maltese restaurants are in the country’s tiny walled capital, Valletta – a Unesco world heritage site. Valletta is one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world. The city is buzzing with some of the best cafe’s and restaurants in Malta.

Jupiter Jax – Local DJ and Producer

What’s the local music scene like Malta?
The local scene in Malta is thriving these last years. There is a broad selection of music events catering for niche genres to the more mainstream ones.

What kind of vibe/music can people expect? Are there local promoters, venues or clubs people should look at checking out on the island?
As a vibe you cannot escape the lazy sun-drenched Mediterranean feeling of Malta. So any event which allows you to listen to music while the sun is setting evokes the stereotypical Mediterranean feeling. As for music events, Glitch is a very promising festival for the island’s electronic music scene. The atmosphere is very intimate as the festival grew out of smaller-scale events that the same promoters have been throwing over these last 10 years. As for local promoters, I would suggest most of the events happening at Liquid club. It has been a hotbed for innovative electronic music in these last 20 years and various promoters have hosted some of the best names in techno and house there. In summer I would suggest keeping an eye on the schedule at Gianpula village. It has over 10 venues and clubs within the village open on a weekly basis.

Glitch Festival 2017

What’s the best area for music?
It can’t be pinned down to one area. You have Paceville which is a nightclub hotspot for mainstream music. If you are after something more niche, then you have specific clubs scattered across the island. All of which are easily reachable and accessible given Malta’s small size.

How is having more festivals on the islands effecting the scene?
It certainly has a positive effect, in one way or another various festivals have put Malta on the map as a great festival destination in Europe.

Do you think Malta will ever go down the Croatia and Ibiza route? Become a big party island?
I think Malta has always been a very big party island to be honest. Big names have been playing here since the early 90s, though I would say the scene really picked up in the last 10 years or so. The comparisons to Ibiza and Croatia are inevitable, especially with the rising popularity of the festivals taking place these last years. Not sure which route Malta will go down, I guess it really depends on the backgrounds of the promoters hosting the events. But it is certain that these events will continue to grow, as the weather here is not changing any time soon.