Great Places To Go Paddleboarding In Australia

Great Places To Go Paddleboarding In Australia

Paddleboarding is one of those activities that looks fairly calm and easy from afar. Then you get on the board and realize that there’s a whole host of factors going into keeping you on. Primarily, its balance and core. Yes, Paddleboarding is an intense core exercises that you can do on the beach with your shirt off. In Australia, the popularity of Paddleboarding is sweeping across the continent. And to think that Australia was already known for being an outdoor sports haven. Paddleboarding is a great way to soak up some sun, spend some time on the water, and relax as you glide across the shore. If you’re planning your next trip to 

Australia, or you’re new to the hobby, here’s a list of some great places to go visit for paddleboarding. 

Byron Bay

If you’re in New South Wales, the absolute best spot to go to is Byron Bay. It’s growing in popularity, but it still somehow maintains its cool, down-home vibe. If you’re planning on getting started with paddleboard, there are some inflatable paddle board reviews you can check out before you make the purchase. But in Byron Bay, they have lessons and equipment to help you out if you don’t have your own. But the best part about Byron Bay is, without a doubt, the marine life. While you’re paddleboarding, it’s common to see dolphins, beautiful fish, and even sea turtles. While you’re on the board, you can soak up the beautiful scenery, even better looking people, and sweeping landscapes from the comfort of your board. 

Lord Howe Island

If you’re willing to go on a bit of an adventure, there’s a spot about 600 kilometers northeast of Sydney called Lord Howe Island. It’s a beautiful island paradise that has all the charm of Maui, but with a lot less tourists. It’s a bit of a trek, but it is well worth it. You can either drive the ways there and make a whole trip out of it, or you can take a 2 hour flight there and get that leg of your holiday over with. Once you get there, ask around about the not-so-secret lake where tours tend to go to. It’s a gorgeous place. You get a tremendous view of Mount Gower and wonderful towers of rock formation around it. It’s really a treat for anyone to go. 

Malabar Beach

Last, but not least, there’s the local Sydney favorite, Malabar Beach. Sydney is full of a bunch of cool little hidden spots, but Malabar a popular spot filled with young adventurers looking for where the local folk hang out. Out there, the surfing instructors also carry some paddleboard so you can borrow one if you haven’t got one yet. It’s not an incredibly crowded beach, either. It has some tourists, sure. But for the most part, it’s just a really quaint and secluded spot to enjoy the ocean. 

Great Places To Go Paddleboarding In Australia

When you’re in Australia, water sports is definitely a great way to spend your time. It’s the perfect spot to do so. Whether it’s surfing, diving, or paddleboarding, you’re bound to get some great moments and even better memories.