Habits That Will Help You Become a Better Poker Player

Habits That Will Help You Become a Better Poker Player

There are many approaches one can take when ready to break through the next glass ceiling with their poker skills. Depending on where you are in your progress as a competitor, the areas requiring growth will shift and change as you excel.

Once your level reaches a high level, there are a few mental, physical, and habits you should consider. This article will clue you into some ideas you may not have thought of yet. 

Select the Correct Level for Your Expertise and Bankroll

Playing above your skill level is not the best way to strengthen your poker game. The professionals behind Beasts of Poker say that taking a course is never a bad idea. If this is not an option for you, then only play with people who are better than you when there’s no money involved, or if the pot doesn’t exceed your bankroll. It’s best to learn when you’re more relaxed and don’t have to risk so much. 

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

This is one of the pointers that you may not have heard of before. The reason for this tip is pretty simple: you get out what you put in. The same goes for poker. 


When you’re not sleeping well, everything else in your life tends to suffer, right? Sleep has been known to improve brain function. Sleep is what allows your body and brain to recover from a long day’s work. If you’re playing a lot of poker, you’ll need to be sure you have full use of this organ. 


Sugary, greasy, or cheesy foods tend to make you feel like a drag. It’s important to be at your best when you’re playing poker so you can concentrate. If you put corroded fuel into a car, the car will not get very far. The same goes for your body, 


This one is probably the most important part of your lifestyle when it comes to poker. It’s crucial to be incredibly present while playing poker. If your mind is stuck in the bad day you just had at work, or something you’ll be doing when you leave the table, then you won’t be present enough to make good judgment calls. When you sit down at the table, you need to be a pro at centering your mind on one thing: the game. The best way to practice this is by practicing mindfulness throughout your days and weeks. 

Don’t Drink Alcohol

In places where poker is played, there will always be the temptation of alcohol around. Practicing self-control around alcohol is necessary if you want to be a serious poker player. Alcohol will impair your ability to make clever choices in a game and could cost you lots of money. So, make sure you limit your intake as much as possible.  

Avoid Screens

When you’re in a game, you need to pay attention to not just the game, but to your opponents as well. They’ll definitely be watching you and waiting for you to slip up. If you divert your attention to answer a call or text, you risk missing some valuable tell or move in the game.

Choose Your Bluffs Wisely

Some players think that bluffing is a big part of playing poker, when really, it should only be used in very specific circumstances. Knowing when to bluff is a skill you should learn early on, and once you learn how to do it, the next skill is learning when to do it. 

Perfect Your Poker Face

It’s important to keep your jaw relaxed at all times. The mouth is your most expressive feature, so you need to keep still and non-revealing. The eyebrows can be a big giveaway as well, so try not to ever press them together. There are other signs of body language, such as fidgeting or nail-biting that could also throw up red flags to your opponents, so best you try to be as immovable as you can. 

Pay Attention to Body Language

Body language in your opponents could give you the upper hand even if the odds of winning aren’t in your favor. But be aware of the things that people will do to throw you off. Things l like smiling could be used as something to sway your judgment. You should also be prepared to play against players who wear sunglasses by knowing how to look at other indications of good or bad hands.

These tips might not have been what you were expecting to find, but that just goes to show that there are a lot of players out there who aren’t considering things like diet, sleep, and mindfulness when they play, therefore leaving those advantages in your court. Always keep in mind that knowledge is power, and everything you know can be a weapon in the game of poker.