Hawaii’s Travel Destinations You Need To Visit Now

Hawaii's Travel Destinations

Hawaii is one of the top dream vacation places to visit. It is full of culture, nature, history, and serenity. Hawaii is made up of eight islands, however, two of them are not allowed to be visited by tourists. This is because one of them is privately owned and is used to raise cattle, while the other is used by the US military, and people are prohibited from visiting. The other six islands are full of amazing sites that are a must-visit if you are ever in Hawaii. 

Now that you have some background about Hawaii, you can start planning your trip. If you want to find out when the best time to go is, then you can easily do so by first finding out where exactly you want to go to in Hawaii. For example, if you want to go skiing down the Mauna Kea slopes, then it’s better to set your plans between December and May. 

Here are some places that are a must-see if you get the chance to travel to Hawaii.

1. Haleakala National Park

If you enjoy hiking and experiencing nature, then this is a place that you have to include in your travel itinerary. This park is home to one of Hawaii’s dormant volcanoes, Haleakalā, and endangered Hawaiian geese. You will also find freshwater pools and waterfalls that will make for great vacation photos and even greater memories.

2. Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is another dormant volcano, however, what makes it such a special destination is the fact that its peak is approximately 4,207.03 above sea level, making it the highest point in Hawaii. If it were measured from top to base under the sea, it would be considered the highest mountain in the world. If you are into stargazing or love astrology, then you will enjoy this destination. Mauna Kea has a world-famous observatory and ski resorts that you can visit from December to May.

3. Na Pali Coast

This a breathtaking place that is bound to make you fall in love with Hawaii for life. Na Pali Coast is in Kauai. If you are wondering when the best time to visit, then don’t worry because you will have a wonderful time six months out of the year. These are September to November and April to June. The coast is scattered with various cliffs overlooking the crystal-clear water. You can hike the Kalalau trail and witness the extreme beauty of natural waterfalls and streams throughout the series of sea cliffs.

4. Waikiki Beach

Hawaii's Travel Destinations

This is one of the popular vacation destinations if you want to enjoy the nightlife Hawaii has to offer. Waikiki is full of hotels, resorts, high-end fashion stores, and when the sun sets, an amazing nightlife courtesy of the different cocktail bars and clubs you can find there. Waikiki beach is well-known for being a surfing area, but you can also enjoy a good swim or tan.

5. Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods, or as it is known in Hawaii Keahiakawelo, is a historical site that has many legends surrounding it. Some say that it was named as the Garden of the Gods because of how the rocks are arranged as if someone put them there by hand. Legend says that these were rocks that the rocks threw from the heavens. Another legend claims that the rocks hold the souls of ancient legendary warriors.

6. Kona Coffee Farms

If you are a fan of coffee, then you should not leave Hawaii without visiting at least one of the many coffee farms. There are tours that you can go on to visit more than a couple of coffee farms and have tastings to figure out which coffee blend is the best. You can also use this time to get some coffee as gifts for your family and friends back home. If you don’t enjoy drinking coffee, you can still have loads of fun finding out how the process of coffee farming, harvesting, and roasting looks like.

7. Iolani Palace

This was the residence of Hawaii’s latest monarchs. It was built in 1882 and has been open to tourists since 1879. If you are interested in history, then you will want to look around the palace. Although no royals are living there, you can still find out how their lives were like in the palace.

These are seven of the most popular places to visit if you are ever in Hawaii. Beware though that you will not help but fall in love with these amazing sights and sooner rather than later you will find yourself wanting another trip to this magnificent place. Whether you are planning on a family trip to Hawaii, or a more intimate, romantic getaway, you are sure to find a perfect destination for your plans in Hawaii