Can you please introduce yourself for our readers who don’t know you?

I’m Thomas Hayes, 22 years old and from Norway. My life changed when I was cast in the Norwegian TV series Skam. It became a phenomenon, even outside of Norway, and gave me opportunities I could never have dreamed of. Not only did I continue with acting, I’ve been able to pursue my passion for music. Currently I focus on music full-time.

How did the collab with Mushigo come about?

The top line came to me through my A&R’s at the Sony office. I heard it and loved it. After asking Mugisho if I could work with the existing top line, the song got produced up and was only just released. I’ve been learning as I go along, and this song in particular was a huge part of me “discovering” my sound and finding my feet. I was aware of Mugisho as an artist and loved his voice. Now I know that he is also an amazing songwriter and producer, plus an incredibly nice guy. Working with him has been such a treat, and even filming the music video in a cold and deserted warehouse was fun with him around.


Can you tell us about the music scene in Norway? Were there any clubs/music venues that inspired you while growing up?

There’s ALWAYS a live show I want to go to, and come summer there are festivals “everywhere”. From the middle of Oslo to remote islands in the north. My favourite festivals are Palmesus and Stavernfestivalen, where there are always artists or performances that inspire me. To be honest, I’ve yet to go to a show where I’m not inspired in some way or other. Music does that.

Where did you grow up? Do have a favourite restaurant or bar you go with friends/family?

I grew up about 30 mins drive from Oslo, in a town called Asker. It’s not a suburb, but proper countryside, with the fjord, forests, farms, fields and mountains. On big occasions we’d go to restaurants in Oslo, where there’s a lot to choose from. When I’m in Asker I prefer to eat my mum’s cooking. I recommend it highly; great food and no bill at the end of it. When it comes to parents there IS such a thing as a free lunch, and dinner.

What inspired you to make the crossover to music? 

I have always been genuinely interested in music, and when my label – Sony – got in touch I knew that I really wanted this opportunity. Getting the chance to learn more and try to make a living out if it is fun, and I am well aware of how privileged I am to be in this situation.

Can you tell us about your latest video and release?

“Now or Never” is a love song – one about the enormous power that attraction can have over you, and the risks we are willing to take for love – or what we believe is love. In the video this power takes physical form, and there is a possible reconnection between my “character” and a mysterious girl.


When you’re travelling what 5 items can’t you live without?

I always bring too much with me. But here are my 5 essentials.

  1. My MacBook – You never know what’s going to happen, be it work or play, and more often than not I need my Mac.
  2. Phone charger – I’m not constantly on my phone, but make sure to keep it charged so if someone really needs to get in touch they can.
  3. My Wallet – you never know when having a credit card, your driver’s license or some cash comes in handy.
  4. A cap or something to put on my head. To keep my head warm in winter, but mostly to keep my hair out of my face.
  5. Headset or earbuds. Got to be able to listen to music wherever I am. If I need to just pull myself back from the world, or work.

We’re pretty obsessed with travel tech and apps. Do you have any that you can recommend?

I like Been, an app where you type in what countries you have been to, and it shows how many percent of the world you’ve visited. I also love Slopes, for when I’m downhill skiing. The app tracks how long you’ve been skiing, how much time you’ve spent in lifts, down the slopes, as well as how far and how fast you go. Love it.

What are your plans for Christmas and New Year?

For Christmas, I’m going up to Hafjell with my family. We’re staying in a cabin right next to the slopes. I haven’t figured out what to do for New Year’s Eve yet. I appreciate the luxury of keeping my options open a little while longer. But there will be music and, most probably, partying.

Can you tell us 3 countries or cities on your travel bucket list?

  1. Guatemala
  2. Russia
  3. Japan

Do you have any other projects releasing within the next couple of months? 

More music! I’m having a blast in writing sessions, and producing tracks alone and with others, so there’s definitely more to come in the next six months or so. Finally releasing music earlier this year was such a huge release, because I’ve been working on this in secret. But now it’s out and so well received. I can’t wait to show more of what I’m working on.