Here are 7 Rare Weed Strains that Indeed Exist on Earth

Rare Weed Strains that Indeed Exist on Earth

We obtain Marijuana from the Cannabis Sativa plant or also known as the hemp plant. Marijuana is only one substance from hundreds of many compounds found in Hemp. The cannabis flower bud contains more drugs, and seeds, leaves, stems contain less. The two leading and well-known compounds are THC and CBD from the hemp plant. 

Weed or Marijuana is abuse drugs. In Marijuana, there are over 400 chemicals. THC tetrahydrocannabinol is a significant compound that causes a feeling of high in users. 

There is not much information about the use of Marijuana. Also, it may get misused due to the myths about its use. It is legal and also illegal in some countries, depending on their use. The weed is a mixture of dried leaves, stems, and flowers of the hemp plant. The color of the compound is green, brown, or gray. The smoke of weed gives off a distinctive but sweet odor.

The marijuana plant is natural, but it is also harmful. If users inhale the smoke from the burning of the Marijuana plant, it is not natural. Same way as smoking cigarettes is harmful to the body. You may likely find a numerous range of cannabis and weed strains. Rare weed strains are hard to find. Following are the 7 rare weed strains that may amuse you if they exist!!

How to use weed?

As said earlier the Weed or Marijuana is a mixture of dried parts of the hemp plant. Marijuana can be smoked but done with a dry pipe or a water pipe. Sometimes, we mix it with food or brew it as a tea. It is another edible form of Marijuana. The smoke inhaled by the user has an early effect on the human body. 

Users may have immediate sensations, increased heart rate, loss of balance, dreamy feelings. The effect is instant, maybe short-term or long-term, based on the quantity taken by the user. It may create a severe impact on the lungs. 

Why are they rare?

Cannabis is one of the oldest natural plants grown and used from the historic period. The main reason why weed strains become rare is the lack of availability of strains. With this, their properties also make them famous and rare. Rare Strains vary with a THC content of making the user high. Many Marijuana Strains also have medical properties.

Rare Weed Strains that Indeed Exist on Earth

1. Malawi Gold

Indeed the Malawi Gold is imagination! This strain is the most potent in Southeast Africa. It falls in the moderate range of the THC content of 14-18%. Malawi Gold is pure Sativa, but it will not be pure if cultivated elsewhere. It has a sweet and spicy flavor. The feeling experienced by use is highly energized and uplifted. It is best to drink with coffee. Even the excessive use of Malawi Gold could result in paranoia or anxiety. For decades the Malawi Gold has been the rarest marijuana strain on the earth. It takes around 120 days to harvest.

2. Idukki Gold

Idukki Gold is not that readily available, which is why it is one of the rarest marijuana strains. There are chances that Idukki Gold could disappear if not preserved.

Idukki Gold is native to Kerala from India. It contains 9% low THC. There are also chances that other strains are labeled as Idukki Gold and sold as a premium range.

3. Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush is the legendary 100 percent Indica strain. It has high levels of THC and little or no CBD. The Hindu Kush originates in the mountain range. 

These have an earthy flavor, with notes of pine, lemon, and citrus. Hindu Kush plant flowering period is usually around 7-9 weeks. Hindu kush is entirely genetic, making it affect the mind and body. It offers all over body and mind relaxation. The Hindu Kush allows you to feel safe and comfortable expressing your inner joy. It also has many medical benefits.

4. Lamb’s Breath

Lamb’s breath is also termed lamb’s bread. This strain has high Sativa content giving the user a creative boost. Lamb’s breath is the most potent strain and also one of the best tastings. Being rare, it is also tough to find now. It has a maximum THC count of 22 percent. It is known for its medical properties and is used for relieving symptoms of chronic stress and depression.

5. Puna Budder

Puna Budder was one of the most popular strains in the old days. It has a buzz that lasted and due to its 19 to 22 percent THC rating. 

Puna Budder seeds are a combination of two beautiful landraces. This pair offers a balanced hybrid to users. The beginner or one with low weed tolerance should not try this. Also, finding the natural and pure Puna Budder is difficult due to its rarity. It has creamy butter and a sweet berry flavor. It is very effective, instant and offers relaxation to muscles, and boosts creativity.

6. Black African Magic

All strains have their color, flavor and are hard to recognize. At the same time, Black African Magic is recognizable due to its color. It is dark brown to black.

These are rarest and not at all easy to find. Black African Magic has 22% of THC content with approximately 0.5% CBD. Not suitable for beginners and has a low tolerance. Many users also claim it as the most potent strain. It hits hard and fast.

7. Angola Roja

Angola Roja is one of the rarest cannabis strains in history. It is currently ranked as one of the oldest weed strains. Angola Roja has a heavy musky aroma. Angola Roja has a lineage that we can trace back to the 1500s. It has been used and enjoyed by many users. It is not easy to find due to the illegalization of cannabis.


All the mentioned weeds have one thing in common is their rarity. Also, you can’t find the authenticity of weed. There is also a fear of cannabis getting killed due to illegalization. It’s not easy to find these weed strains. Many other strains may be rare and familiar too. It is also essential to know if the Marijuana you are taking is good for your health or not.