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    Hidden Treasures In Campobasso, Italy

    If you’re looking for secret hotspots in Campobasso, Italy, then we’re admitting to being terrible secret keepers because in this article, we’ve spilled all the secrets.

    Each Café in Campobasso has a bar (that is to say, they stock more alcohol than your local off-license) and a mini Pasticceria. The following have been specially chosen because of the extra surprises they hold. Whether you’re looking for a spot with a magnificent view, easy travel access or free WiFi we’ve chosen the best of the bunch for you.

    Bar Manzoni

    Indulge in a Caffe Nocciolino and treat yourself to the sweet pleasures that range from 10 cents  to 3 euros. You’ll cafe7
    have to get their early to nab your favourites, though.

    Bar Manzoni offers many drinks ranging between alcoholic and true Italian brewed coffee. In Campobasso most places shut early but this beauty stays open till 12am on Fridays and Saturdays. Also, unlike other bars/cafes, Bar Manzoni only closes between 2-3 during the day.

    Secret: There’s free WiFi and so long as you purchase something, you can use it all day long, choosing to sit outside in the sun or
    inside in the comfortable and colourful seating areas.

    Anything else?: The friendly men who work there always smile and make you feel welcome.

    Location: Viale A. Manzoni 77, 86100 Campobasso

    Bar Centrale

    hidden cafesYou’ll have noticed the repetitive use of the word ‘bar’ instead of ‘café’ by now and this one is located in the city centre, a minute’s walk from the 1N and 1R (two buses that quickly do rounds of the city’s popular spots).

    Bar Centrale is surrounded by shoppers galore and is one place that is always alive in Campobasso. If you want to go for an evening rendezvous or to socialise with locals then this is the place to be: it’s the high street’s local hangout.

    Secret: When all places and eateries are closed for the southern siesta, this little gem is open throughout.

    Anything else?: They serve up the most delicious gelato, we suggest trying all of the Ferrero flavours.

    Location: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 35, 86100 Campobasso

    Bar Lupin III

    This bar is next to a betting shop, the next best source of entertainment for Italians. Usually aHidden Cafe hangout for the youth in the evenings, it comes complete with a plasma screen so you can watch the latest music videos.

    During the day you can mingle with locals in this small café, which also offers original alcoholic brands. You won’t be getting a rip off version of Malibu or Smirnoff here.

    Secret: You can buy yourself a chocolate cornetti for 80 cents then perch yourself on a wall a few seconds away, which gives you a beautiful view of Campobasso.

    Anything else?: On summer nights there is a veranda where you can sit in the night time warmth and drink your 80 cent coffee, cheap but delicious.

    Location: Via Carducci 4/s, 86100 Campobasso

    Dolce Stil Novo

    This pasticceria/gelateria/caffeterria looks small from the outside and is located on a quiet street corner. Once you enter, however, youHidden Cafes realise that the inside is the opposite, from the sweets to the dining area, in comparison to other cafes, is grande.

    ‘Dolce’ stands for sweet, and the elegance of this café reinstates the title with the largest pasticceria. If you want something to take-away they have delicate shiny brown packaging or a cream coloured dining area to sit indoors.

    Secret: This striking café is open on Sundays, when everything else is closed as Sunday is the day of rest. Why not rest here?

    Anything else?: Unlike other places, Dolce serves gelato during the winter months. We recommend the nocciolo (hazelnut) flavour in a cone.

    Location: Via Principe di Piemente 35, 86100 Campobasso

    By Arti Rajput

    Hidden Cafe

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