High-profile scandals in the history of online poker

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As in any other gambling game, there have always been dishonest people in poker. Cheating in this game is far from uncommon, and many scam artists have literally “exploded” the peace of the entire poker world.

Multi-account scandals and scandals at European tournaments

JJProdigy and ZeeJustin were the first scammers and close friends to attempt to defraud Soft Poker rooms. Their online poker careers each developed in their own way. But sometimes they used account switching to cheat their opponents at the gaming tables. This scandal came as a shock to many visitors to the sites, who had not previously noticed anything criminal in such actions. Multi-accounting offenses still attract some users today, and poker rooms have had to catch them cheating.

There was a big scandal at the Partouche Poker Tour tournament in 2010. At the same time, several players were caught in an elaborate scam that they used at a European tournament. A former champion of the tournament, named Ali Tekintamgak, invited fake bloggers and journalists to walk around the gaming tables. They peeked at their opponents’ cards and gave them information through gesticulation.

By the way, pokies online Australia excludes the option of cheating both from the player and the casino. The actions of all participants of the gaming session are monitored by the regulator. The same is now relevant for online poker tournaments.

After catching the cheat, he was disqualified and removed in the very finals of the tournament. On the forum even before this case, users were discussing the fraudulent actions of the players, which were led by the leader of the scammers. But he denied the accusations against him and filed a lawsuit against the tournament organisers.

Problems with online services

Particularly serious damage to users was caused by such online services as:

  • PokerSpot;
  • Absolute Poker;
  • Ultimate Bet Poker;
  • Full Tilt Poker/

Few players today can remember the PokerSpot website. It was founded by Dutch Boyd, who didn’t gain worldwide popularity, but his name is very familiar to the poker community. A scandalous incident involving the site made it realize that poker sites should not be completely trusted.

He was often a guest on the famous ESPN channel, but the collapsed PokerSpot service changed everything. Many players had to lose their dollars, and this is one of those stories of the first time a poker room failed to honor its responsibilities to its customers.


Back in the heyday of the popular card game on the internet, users of the Absolute Poker site began to speculate that all was not well at this resource. After a detailed analysis, many users from this site guessed the presence of a dishonest player in the company.

Further, numerous facts were revealed: the clients of the poker room became victims of deception by the staff, as well as the management of the company. Soon a similar scandal happened at Ultimate Bet Poker, a sister site of Absolute Poker. After a thorough investigation, a complex plan to access players’ cards was established.

After ups and downs, the Full Tilt Poker site is in the process of rebuilding its decent reputation. But earlier, the company had literally crushed the “insecure zone” of the entire poker community. During Black Friday, many US online poker sites got into trouble.

Every day the number of lawsuits increased, and as a result, the site owed approximately one hundred and fifty million dollars to its users. And soon everyone saw that the site could not pay its debts. After all, for many years its management had simply taken other people’s money.

As a result, companies lost their reputation, and players lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Scandals related to the sites made it clear that these services should not be trusted 100%.