HiJack of all trades


HiJack has become an established name in the UK’s underground house music scene over the past few years. His jacking house & techno productions are championed by influential artists like Claude Vonstroke, Oliver $, Lee Mortimer, Moby and Crookers, along with frequent airplay from BBC Radio One DJs Annie Mac, Dave Spoon, and Kissy Sellout. He’s released 5 EP’s of originals on Potty Mouth, Jack Union, and On The Brink Records, and is gaining a strong following worldwide -in part thanks to his podcasts & mixes, in part due to his bouncy DJ sets. Known for laying down funk-fuelled grooves with chunky beats and quirky hooks, in the past year HiJack has performed at some of the biggest clubs & events across Asia, the UK and Europe, including Ministry Of Sound parties, the Gatecrasher festival, and Dutch Gathering. BBM caught up with the jetsetting producehijackwebr – interviewing via blackberry between flights on the way to tour AUS.

You’re touring like crazy – In your opinion where has the best scene at the moment?
It’s been amazing seeing so many countries and people but I’ve got to admit I love the scene in London. There are so many good parties and clubs. Australia has a very unique scene as well – the crowds are always up for it and you’ve
got tonnes of festivals and great weather. Miami was completely mental – ridiculous in fact. During WMC it lives up to the hype. I’d love to go to South America next. I’m hoping to hit Brazil later this year!

What’s the one thing you miss from back home when you’re on tour?
Sunday roast with my family!

What are you looking forward to the most about your Aus trip?
Visiting the set of Ramsey Street and seeing an Aussie rules game. I’ve some good friends based over there so I’ll be seeing them too!

You’re from Bournemouth originally – What’s it like growing up in the happiest town the UK?
It’s a nice place to live. You’ve got the beach and it’s really chilled. London is only 90mins away and I’m up there a lot. It’s good to have the option of being in the city or somewhere less hectic. I still hang with my friends from school. None of them are in the industry, but Bournemouth is home to a few well-known DJs and producers, including Trev
or Loveys and Aquasky.

So Who/what encouraged you to start playing around with music and become a producer?
I started out as a DJ and it was purely a way of personalising tracks for my sets – whether it was making shorter versions of tracks or bootlegs. After a few months I started making records from scratch.

Your influences span from james Brown to the Neptunes to Dave Taylor & Derrick Carter- but what do you listen to on your ipod when travelling?
Lots of old funk and jazz. I’m a big fan of logical progression too. Basically more chilled stuff!

As one of the leaders of the pack worldwide with Jackn house do you feel obliged to stay true to the genre?
Not really, but I do tend to only make house. House music has many sub genres – whatever direction it heads in it’ll always be around.

With so much music out there accessible to everyone how do you stay ahead of the game and keep your sound fresh and unique?
I just make music I love and keep it quirky and grooving. I don’t think about what’s the big sound.

Your ‘Way Back’ EP on Potty Mouth was really well received -How was it collaborating with Santiago & Bushido?
Yeah, I’ve been a fan of their music since their Chicago house days so it was great to work with them. There will actually be a few collabs soon – between myself and other Jack Union artists – watch this space!

The usual heavy bouncy beats with low slung grooves! I’ll be playing lots of new jack union unreleased tracks…

26-Mar-10 @ Empire BRISBANE (with Kissy Sell Out)
27-Mar-10 @ Electric Circus ADELAIDE
1-Apr-10 @ Villa PERTH (with Kissy Sell Out)
3-Apr-10 @ Home Nightclub SYDNEY (with Kissy Sell Out)
4-Apr-10 @ Roxanne Parlour MELBOURNE