Hit Reset at The Bowery, London – Gig Review

Hit Reset, Thom Cross, Ed Aldred and Josh White at The Bowery - Gig ReviewOn January 13th, The Bowery’s live music stage played host, as usual, to some of the most interesting and exciting up-and-coming acts of the moment with London’s electro outfit Hit Reset headlining.

First up was London based singer/songwriter Josh White (formerly known as ‘So Be on Fire’), who bravely took on the first slot with only his acoustic guitar for protection from the small and sober crowd. Seemingly undaunted, White launched into his set with gusto, the highlight of which was ‘You’re Warm Now,’ a melancholic yet beautiful track about love lost and the road left to travel.

Much of White’s set followed the same theme, with the wistful melodies complementing his highly wrought, often profound lyrics. Though his last track, ‘You Raise the Bar,’ about a girl who ‘fucked him then left him,’ got the blood pumping a little faster – White’s especially as he threw his all into his final song.

Not long after White was Thom Cross, a London based New Zealander that has been described as ‘a cross between Bowie and Bono.’ Visually, with his trousers, shirt and slicked back hair, Cross looked decidedly out of place in-front of his grungy band and sadly, the music didn’t make up for it.

Cross’s set consisted of flat, bland, 80’s soft-rock type songs like ‘Standing on the Edge of The World’ (the title of Cross’s EP) that could probably pass for a modern U2 song – but then so could anything with a bit of guitar distortion. His voice is a little Bowie-esque in its vibrato, but that is as far as anyone should push that comparison.

A few more warm up acts graced the stage before Hit Reset came on, including Berkshire boy Ed Aldred whose skill on the guitar was to be admired. ‘Domino,’ with its constant shift in pace and style is a particularly notable track, as is ‘Bright Lights’ for its haunting bluegrass/folk infused chords complemented by Aldred’s louche vocals.

Finally, London four-piece Hit Reset graced the stage and managed to startle everyone out of their early hangovers. Somehow, Hit Reset manage to fuse Duran-Duran, The Ramones and Hot Chip in and old school meets new school type of electro that is already big with the trendy kids in East London. Tracks like ‘Grim Fandago’ and ‘Song for my Sinclair,’ which keep your head nodding and your feet tapping to a solid and dependable electro beat are bound to be cool-club favourites, so keep your ears peeled.

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: @RebeccaEJones

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