Holiday Winter Movies You Should Be Watching Right Now

Holiday Winter Movies You Should Be Watching Right Now

Not every winter film is about Christmas, and not everyone wants to watch a Christmas film in the winter. We’re not knocking Hallmark Christmas movies (we enjoy them, too), but there are moments when you just want to watch something that isn’t about holiday romances or singing Christmas carols during snow-covered winter scenes.

That’s where these quasi winter films come in, from Idris Elba and Kate Winslet’s battle against a blizzard (and their feelings) in The Mountain between Us to a penguin film that makes us cry. The collection is endless just like movie-themed slots at best online casino Australia.

The Mountain Between Us

This film is, to put it succinctly, your worst fear. When their own flight is cancelled due to snow, strangers Alex (Kate Winslet) and Ben (Idris Elba) desperately need to make a connecting flight (a bad omen). They charter a small plane together, but the pilot has a stroke and the plane crashes, leaving them stranded on the side of a winter weather mountain with no way of knowing where they went.

Snow White and the Huntsman

When Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) learns that she must eat the heart of her stepdaughter Snow White (Kristen Stewart), she sends widower Eric the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to find it for her. However, as fans of the original Snow White will recall, things do not go according to the evil queen’s scheme. It’s a contemporary magical tale of Disney’s beloved winter princess, and it stars an A-list cast. There’s also some best online slots based on this movie.

The Grey

This survival film starring Liam Neeson and Dermot Mulroney tells the story of a group of oil men who escape a plane crash but end up in the territory of a band of wild wolves in Alaska. Marksman John Ottway (Neeson) has spent his career defending these men from wolves, and he attempts to lead the remaining party to safety, but the harsh weather and pursuing wolves start picking them off one by one.