Homeboy Interview Ahead Of Sonus 2017

Sonus 2017 homeboy

Hitting up the Sonus line-up this year will be Homeboy. Here, we catch up with the Berlin-based DJ – originally from Croatia – to find out a bit more about the festival, visiting Croatia, what to expect and what he’ll be playing at the fifth anniversary of Sonus this summer.

Hey Homeboy, how’s it hanging?

All cool by the pool. Hehe…erm no not really, I’m in Berlin and it’s freaking cold and raining.

You’re originally from Croatia – but now living in Germany, what’s the difference in clubbing culture across the two countries?

Hard to make comparisons here, but Croatia developed as a destination for festivals during the summer. So much is happening these days, there is a festival for electronic music literally every week. While Berlin is the world’s Capital city for electronic music and the party never stops really.

You’ll be playing at Sonus this summer, tell us in a few words, what’s the best thing about Sonus?

That it turns Zrce Beach – which isn’t one of my favorite places to be – into something that is quite enjoyable I guess. The location is usually a very trashy party tourism thing where they play EDM and that kind of stuff, but during Sonus you can actually hear good music in those venues and suddenly it all looks a little bit different than usually. Another thing is the team around the festival, those guys make me wanna go there every year.

For those who haven’t been to Pag before, what’s so special about the island?

For me it’s the landscape of Pag. It looks like a different planet as there isn’t much vegetation. Almost like in a Sci-Fi movie.

So, tell us more about what you’re currently playing and what we can hope to hear from you at Sonus 2017?

Right now I have an ongoing residency at Salon Zur Wilden Renate in Berlin and I am very much involved in the club as I also work there during the week. So I am kind of gravitating there I guess, which is good for me right now. It helped me to grow as a DJ in a way I would have never experienced on tour. I am curious myself what will happen at Sonus, as it will be one of my first gigs outside Renate in almost a year.

You’ve got quite a lot of eclectic influences, who are you currently into?

I always listen to a lot of different music all the time, but when I DJ it is mostly House and Techno. But there the flavour really changes every month, although I am very much into a bit more trippy house music at this moment, you may call it “Longhair House”.

This year will be the fifth anniversary of Sonus with some other great acts on the roster, who are you also looking forward to seeing?

I’ll be there just for one night, so I guess I will just go out spontaneously and decide on site.

Do you have any Sonus traditions?

Fish Soup with Kris, who is one of the Festival’s founders. We always go to the same fish restaurant in Novalja which has the best fish soup ever!

Where’s your favourite venue to hang out at during the festival?

I always favoured Kalypso, it’s the coolest club at Zrce beach.

Thanks so much for your time and we look forward to seeing you at Sonus!

Catch Homeboy alongside Appolonia, Jamie Jones, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin + more at Sonus 2017. 20th – 24th August, Pag, Croatia.

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