Hop on, Hop off Exmouth – Bus Charters to Exmouth

Perth to Exmouth whale shark tour Hop on, Hop off Exmouth – Bus Charters to Exmouth

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Perth to Exmouth Explorer 7 Day (Standard Double/Twin Room)

Perth to Exmouth 6 Day Coral Coaster (Basic Shared Accommodation)

Exclusive day fishing Charter

Full Day Kayak & Snorkel Tour

Half Day Sea Kayak & Snorkel Tour

Priority Plus Whaleshark Tour Booking | August – October

Hop on, Hop off Exmouth – Bus Charters to Exmouth

Exmouth is the Gateway to the Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia’s response to the Great
Barrier Reef!

Swim with whale sharks.

Experience the adrenaline rush of swimming alongside whale sharks in the spectacular
Ningaloo Reef on this full-day eco-tour. Join a professional crew for the ultimate wildlife
encounter suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Begin your adventure by picking up from your central Exmouth hotel. Then, travel to the
untouched Ningaloo Reef, a World Heritage Site located along coastal Western Australia.
Hop aboard a state-of-the-art vessel and travel to the shark viewing site. Your boat is
designed with a low marlin board at water level so you can get in and out quickly.

Whale shark Tours March 2022 Exmouth
Individual whale sharks may stay close to Ningaloo Reef during the day and night, according to radio tracking experiments conducted at Ningaloo Marine Park. Furthermore, using the Whale Shark Photo-identification Library, it was feasible to show that one recognized shark was resighted at Ningaloo Marine Park on 14 different days over a 28-day span – all within a very small area. When sharks return to the Australian northwest coast, they appear to have a level of’site-attachment.’


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Yardie Creek Boat Tours

Enjoy the simple pleasure of being on a boat in the protected waters of Yardie Creek.
Experience the stunning gorges, earthy colours, unique flora and fauna, aboriginal history, and beautiful natural environment.

Spot a wide range of wildlife, including the rare black-footed rock wallabies, ospreys, egrets
& and various marine life. Excellent photo opportunities and local experienced tour guides who know the history of this remarkable place.

Muiron Islands Diving & Snorkeling Tour

Explore one of Australia’s most incredible underwater landscapes on this snorkelling and diving tour of the Muiron Islands. Choose to go on scuba dives or snorkel by the
surface to uncover abundant marine life in the coral gardens and rocky ledges surrounding the island shores. Board a boat in the morning and set out from Exmouth to the Muiron Islands.

If you dive, explore two unique spots with gentle currents and exquisite
visibility, swimming through crevices and searching for marine life hidden
in ledges and reefs. While divers with Diver certifications can swim independently, those
without are accompanied by a helpful staff member during their dives.

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