Hospitality jobs in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

If you want a job as a chef, waiter, bar man / woman, receptionist or as a kitchen had then email [email protected]

Australia has put the spotlight on tourism as it searches for new revenue streams to replace the income it enjoyed from the Australian mining sector in the boom years. Melbourne is well geared as a tourism hub in Australia and so Melbourne has a need for chefs, waiters, bar staff and kitchen hands and other catering staff and hotel room maintenance and cleaning staff, Melbourne not only has many tourists arriving on holidays, but also has many events such has tennis, horse racing, and motor racing which are constantly attraction both for foreign tourist and interstate tourists. Many of the jobs for such events are temporary by nature and as such perfect for backpackers on a working holiday visa or students who attend the many colleges in Melbourne.

Every state in Australia is encouraging people with hospitality experience to think of coming to Australia and to help fill vacancies in its hospitality sector, many hospitality jobs are on the skills list (SOL). There are hospitality jobs offering an immediate start, especially for qualified chefs with previous experience, Melbourne has many hotels, backpacker hostels and restaurants and cafes many of these have vacancies for jobs such as chefs, waiters, kitchen hands, cleaners, receptionists and concierges staff.

It would be a good idea to complete a course from a company offering specific course in RSA (Responsible sale of Alcohol, or a Barista course). There are also course available for waiters, it may well be helpful to attend one of these course, as it will make it easier to find a hospitality job working in a bar job or hotel job, or restaurant or café in Melbourne as a waiter or chef.

If you are currently heading out from Europe on a working holiday visa then the hospitality industry in Melbourne will be only too happy to find you a job. Tourists to Australia come from many places, China is now a major source of tourist, hence the need for Chinese, and so if you speak Mandarin and English then please email us, the jobs we have are particularly suited to working holiday visa holders from Taiwan.

If you are backpacking around Australia and have good English but can also speak Italian, French and   German then there is also an immediate need for you in Melbourne and hospitality jobs with an immediate start are just waiting for you. You must have a valid working holiday visa (417) Working holiday visas allow you to stay in Australia for up to 2 years and work in temporary jobs up to six months with an Employer, the initial 417 visa is for one year however if you undertake relevant work in the agriculture sector this visa may be extended to two years.

French chefs are in particular short supply, also there is a need for Chefs who are familiar with British and Irish cooking, there is also a need for Indian and Chinese chefs, you will find if you have the right qualification as a chef and at least three years post qualification experience it may be possible for you to find an employer who will sponsor you, initially it is possibly to be sponsored on a 457 visa this enables you to work in Australia for up to 4 years from the same employer, if you want more information on how to stay in Australia on a temporary work visa please contact us and we can arrange for you to discuss your option migration option to Australia with a registered migration agent.

If you want more information on working in the hospitality industry in Melbourne and you have experience as a chef, waiter, hotel management, kitchen, cleaning or reception work then contact us, languages are important so if you speak more than one language we will be delighted to hear from you. Students and working holiday visa holders (417) are welcome. [email protected]