Hospitality jobs Melbourne and Sydney in Australia

Hospitality jobs Melbourne and Sydney in Australia

At this time of the year there is a lot of demand for jobs to fill in the hospitality industry.

The winter season is in full swing and there are loads of hospitality jobs available in the snow industry.

This year we specifically have a heavy demand for chefs, and other careering staff from kitchen hands to dishwashers. There is also demand for waiters and bar staff. Barista courses start with a basic 4 hour courses at around $150.

If you want to work as a barmen you should take a RSA course, this course will give you the knowledge and skills to sell and serve alcohol responsibly, and you will be familiarised with the liquor laws of Australia, during this course you will be familiarise with hard minimisation to help clients who drink too much and or how to help minimize the consumption of alcohol when someone is over indulging. The cost of these course start from around $60.

We strongly recommend you get both the barista and RSA qualification if you are planning to work in the hospitality industry in Australia , not only will these qualification help you find work easily, you will be able to get good jobs when you return home where ever home may be.

If you are planning to become a waiter then take a course and be a competent professional waiter. You will need to learn to set tables, greet customers in a charming and welcoming way, how to seat customers, deliver menus, explain the days specials, listen to customers for any special requests like allergy advise., how to take order and confirm you have the right items listed, how to deliver meal, how to clear tables when a course is finished and make sure the customer is comfortable and happy to come back.