How Can Using Emojis Change The Tone Of Your Conversation

How Can Using Emojis Change The Tone Of Your Conversation

The mobile phone is a great invention that has been around for many years and continues to develop and improve each year. Having this device has improved our lives in many different ways – we can communicate better and quicker with each other, even loved ones that may live miles away across the globe. Although a few decades ago people needed to write letters to each other and wait weeks and even months to receive a reply from someone, this is no longer the case. Nowadays, individuals can simply use a phone to send a text message to someone either via their number or via one of the numerous existing online chats.

People no longer need to rely on words only to convey their message – within the options discussed above, each person has access to a range of emojis that they can use within their text. Emojis are essentially pictograms used in web messages. For those of an older generation, emojis are the numerous smiley faces (among other emojis) that you will certainly read in a text message or online. This article will discuss how using emojis can change the tone of your conversation, so that you can use this appropriately. 

They Give You an Idea of Body Language and Facial Expressions

When people talk about communication, they often instantly think about language and words. But communication is much more than just whatever sounds come out of your mouth. You may not realize this because we do not always pay attention to these details, because it is just something that we just do on a daily basis. 

However, you may remember a time where someone has said something to you although their facial expression or body language just did not match their words. Having these additional cues is amazing because it helps you to better understand other people; evidently, these are not visible when texting, which is why emojis can be a great addition. This will allow you to have an idea of the person’s intended facial expressions or body language through these. 

They Show Emotion

Someone has just messaged you a joke, how do you make sure they know you are laughing? Or you received some negative news, how do you portray your sadness and anxiety via text if words simply are not enough? Use emojis! You may have heard that an image is worth a thousand words, and this is true. Emojis can help convey and understand each other’s emotions that sometimes words cannot do. 

You Have Emojis for Everything 

Once you search through your emojis, you will see that you have a wide variety available to you. There are literally emojis for everything – from facial expressions to animals, a variety of objects to the Australian flag emoji along with other countries’. It can take you some time to get accustomed to what to use. It is worth mentioning that emojis can have underlying meanings that you may not be aware of… for example, someone may use peach and not be talking about the fruit at all! You should also know that different devices may show emojis in different ways, so what you see may not be the same thing the receiver sees, which may mean they lose the tone you are trying to convey. 

They Are Good For ‘Bad Texters’ 

There are some people who just are not good at texting. If this is the case, it can be a great idea to just use emojis instead of sending someone a text. If you have ever been called a bad texter or had someone complaining about your tone through messages, it may be worth considering this. 

Texters Sound Less Harsh

We live in a time where people analyze every little bit of information carefully and they can quickly turn nothing into something negative. People also overthink more and are becoming increasingly more open about this, which makes emojis incredibly helpful to soothe your tone. It may sound silly, but even professionals working in offices use emojis as a way to sound less harsh in their emails. A simple smiley face can make the difference between making a request and being demanding. You will also be perceived as being less blunt and more friendly overall.

Emojis are pretty much everywhere – as mentioned above, you can use them when texting, online messaging, or even emails. Using emojis can improve the tone of your conversation in a range of different ways, as discussed on this page. However, you should learn about this topic more if you are not familiar with it before using it. It is entirely up to you to use the correct emojis and be aware of any underlying subtle meanings they may have.